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Right peeps!! Advice needed!!!

Right sorry this is a bit long winded!!!

Originally.... I go on holiday on the 10th sept so i was going to re-feed the week before. It then turned out that my dad wannted to go for a curry for his birthday (31st Aug) so i thought ok i'll re-feed the week before that, thinking he wanted to go out the weekend after!!! Eeeeek!!!!

Its turns out he wants to go out THIS SUNDAY!!!!

Now i don't know whether to Re-feed as of tonight, as i've had 2 shakes today! And have just Tandoori chicken and salad on Sunday!!! Plus then get in an extra week on TFR before re-feed!!!

OR shall i just re-feed for the next 2 and a half weeks (which i don't really want to do!!!!)

OR shall i just stay on TFR and have the afternoon off and just have chicken and salad!!!!

I'm tending towards the last option but i wanted to get some advice!!!

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Hey dee I think start refeeding tomorrow enjoy your dads bday and stay on maintenance till after your holiday the go back on TFR !!!! That would be the sensible option because otherwise your jumping In and out of ketosis for 2 weeks and this way you still loose weight with maintenance !!! ;) just my opinion girlie !!!! Xxx David.
Just worried that i'll put some weight back on if i re-feed for all this time!!! But then if i hammered the excercising!!! Hell!!! I don't know what to do!!!!

Davids given the smart answer.

However I may have a all day wedding next Sat (depends I might be my Mums the plus 1 depending on if my dad gets his cast of or not). the sensible thing to do would be to re-feed. But I plan to just have a break for the meal and try to make good choices and get back on the next day so I can hit target. That might be the following Thursday depending on WI tomorrow and next week but I know how hard it is to start again from scratch and I need to hit goal before I go away.

Just what I plan to to do which is not probably the smartest...
No but dee if u stay on maintenance I'll still loose with exercise that's fact as long as u go easy on food !!!!! Ull be fine I hope u decide !!!!!


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Deezer girl, I feel your pain!!
I have bridezilla's hen night coming up on 3rd Sept and I keep thinking, "What if I find it too hard to get back to TFR ahhhh?!" But I really don't think one meal is going to ruin the entire plan and mess you up too much. So what I am going to do is have that one meal and then make sure to go straight back to TFR the next day. If I were u I'd have the low-carb option (and leave as much as u can on the plate!) then do another TFR week b4 your real refeed week. But hey do what you feel works best for you babe. Whatever you decide to do, just enjoy the night with your Dad. Lost my Dad when I was twenty and I kick myself looking back at times when I should have spent more time with him.

x S


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Deezer you will be fine with chicken and salad but keep the salad to a minimum, stick to more meat.
Then get straight back on it day after and only do 1 week refeed before your holidays x
Hi, I'd go with the last option, just try not to eat too many carbs...the reason I'd do this is because I feel I'm not on it long enough and have not lost enoguh weight to make a big difference, so I know if I refed It would be a lot harder to start back on tfr again.

If it was me I would just have the dinner on Sunday and get back to it Monday !! Looking at posts people that slip have still lost that week when you think about it you are burning more calories in a week then you are taking in so you have to lose !! Go for a swim on Monday this should strip out the meal you have on Sunday !! Try not to stress about it either your doing brill as it is one meal will not kill you :) x
id do the last option. i did lipotrim a few years back the first time and thats what i did for my friends birthday, i was straight back on it the next day and i was more determined as i wanted to prove to myself that i could do it xx
I think thats what i'm going to do.... i think i feel i can't be trusted!!! Arund all that food.... but i've proved to myself that i DO have will power but i also forget i probably won't be able to eat much!!! Physically won't be able!!! Thanks everyone!!! I feel so silly for freaking out about it!!! Obviously all my food demons aren't quite dead yet!!!

But i'm keeping positive!!! Some yummy food and then another week on LT.... Then re-feed for my hols!!! :)

Thanks again everyone!!!

Good for you :0) enjoy your meal xx
It's not silly at all- first time round I have to admit I was terrified of re-feed!!I wondered how I would cope would I go mad etc could I be trusted!!

No such thing as a silly question other than the one you should have asked but didn't!
It's not silly at all- first time round I have to admit I was terrified of re-feed!!I wondered how I would cope would I go mad etc could I be trusted!!

No such thing as a silly question other than the one you should have asked but didn't!
Thanks hun.... : ) x

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