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Arghhhh I followed wrong advice !!


I want to be fitter again
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Having lost a mere half pound last month my consultant in her wisdom suggested I tried having a couple of days off plan as I always stick to it 99.9% of the time. She felt it would give my metabolism a boost. So at the weekend whilst at a wedding I ate the starter, mains and pud (never ever do that) followed by wedding cake and in the morning I had a non SW breakfast with white toast and butter. I don't drink so stuck with water. Sunday evening went back on plan.
Weighed in tonight and have GAINED 2lbs taking me back to where i was on 17th March !!!! I am not a happy bunny. It will probably take me at least 6 - 8 weeks to lose that amount. I seem to only have to sniff at high calorie food and put weight on.
I have been going to SW a year next week and still have not lost 2 stone.
Sorry for the whinge but I knew you girls and guys would listen to my rant xxxx
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Oh Brightonrose, I am so sorry.
I've been watching your posts - esp as you're the same height as me and I am waiting for my weight loss to slow right down any moment now.
I can understand how frustrated you must feel. Perhaps after letting go and then going straight back on plan may mean that you have a much better loss next week?
You are so, so close now - perhaps you are putting yourself under too much pressure?
Could you 'pretend' that you are at target and try the maintenance route for a couple of weeks - see what happens then and then perhaps go back to the weight loss plan?
I do hope that you get some ideas that are of some use and just wanted to say that I am thinking of you.


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Oh Rosie am so sorry this has happened, especailly as you have been trying so hard. I dont ahve any advice to follow but just want you to know i am thinking of you and willing the angel of dieting to be alongside youxx
She may still be right. One of the girls at my old group was stuck for about a month. Took a weekend off and did put a couple of pounds on. Went back on plan and lost it and extra within a week. Con said the gain was due to extra water. Makes sense if you think the very first week on plan isn't really counted as it is mainly fluid excess lost.


Onwards and downwards!
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That must be so frustrating, you poor thing! You have done amazing so far and only 5lbs to go, Wow! I think probably best not to follow that advice again, and although the loss was small, it was still a loss which is great! Don't be too down on yourself about it, I find it best to just draw a line under things like that and carry on. You never know you might then have a bigger loss next week once you have had time to work off that wedding food. Good luck :)


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So sorry to read your news Rosie
All I can say is that sometimes having a gain can = a better loss the following week. Im not sure if it was good advice from your c as its really stressful, waiting to find out if it will come off again.
Fingers crossed for a brill loss next WI x x
Argh - totally gutted for you!! I too have been reading your posts & know how much this last teeny tiny bit means to you - BUT i also think the others may just be right.

Stay on track this week & you will hopefully (I will keep everything crossed for you!!) loose that 2lbs & a wee bit more. Bodies are very strange things sometimes - I am sure in the bit extra that you had it wouldn't have equated a 2lb gain, so maybe your body is retaining fluids or something???

What ever the reason - I really really really hope you have a better WI next week x x


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i would say try to get back on to where u were in week one put the gian behind you. 5 lbs off target is great but i know when i was there i was in the same position it took me MONTHS lol. i only had 1 stone 7lbs to loose first time round and it took me 9months. just try keep at it hun you WILL get there
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Oh what can I say, I really understand how you feel, it's just so frustrating.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this but a few weeks ago I emailed my C my diary as my loses had been hit & miss, well more miss if I'm honest:rolleyes: The only thing she could suggest was drink more water & make sure I have 1/3 of my food superfree.

Well something worked as I lost 3lb last week & I'm now at target:D

You will get there, as I've said many times before it took me 15 months to lose 16lbs.

I admire your determination to keep going, so many people would have given up before now.


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It averages out to about 1200 - 1400 x
it sucks that you aren't losing the weight that you want to when you're being so consistant with your calorie intake.. sometimes it happens... i usualy take a break if i find that my weight isn't going down.. I haven't tried to lose weight in 3 month because it wasn't going down.. and now im going to try again... 105lbs down... 21 to go ;)


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I know you must be dissapointed but doubt very much that the 2lb gain is actual fat. 2lb fat is equivalent to 7000 calories and there is no way you ate any way near that amount extra. It will be retained water and \I bet you knock it off next week.

So sorry and sending you massive hugs and kissess

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aww no, rosie! deary me! bless her, somtimes it does give some people a boost, it has done me in the past.. its just a super shame that its all backfired.

((massive hugs)) to you poppit. sending you slimming vibes..xxx


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You never know, it might give your metabolism a kick up the backside. With boosting your calories for a short spurt, it could fool your body into thinking you're not dieting any more & so not grab on to each & every calories that passes your lips. I really hope this is the case & next week you shift that 2lbs plus another 2. You deserve to, after all your hard work :)


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Hey you rant away......I know this has all been very frustrating for you, its been weeks of 100%, success express etc and still not getting the results you deserve.
Perhaps the jolt to your system is showing now as a gain because of fluid retention but will shock your body enough to think ooooo whats going on here then. Give it another full week on plan and see what result that brings.
I can fully sympathis as I'm struggling with the same 1lb for weeks now and nothing seems to help but we both know we just have to keep plodding on because what else is the answer because coming off SW isn't as we know it will all go back on and more pretty damn fast.
Stick with it, don't get disheartened and remember were here anytime for you to have a good old moan


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Sorry to hear that Rosie. I know how hard you try. As you are back on track, I bet you will have a great loss next week. Like CP said, I also doubt that the 2lb is fat, and I think the scales will show that next week.
Sometimes the body does need that boost and it works for a lot of people going off plan for a day or two. Perhaps your body takes time to register this.
I am sure you will have a great weight loss next week, but send huge hugs to you!


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It's really upsetting for you but hopefully it will come back off again plus more next week xx


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hey honey, i went off plan for a couple of days and put 5lb on, i was so upset, BUT, the next week i lost 8lbs!!!!! i do think sometimes the going off plan does kick your metobolism up the bottom! that's what weight lifters do, healthy eat 6 days a week and one day eat whatever they like, as long as they don't eat after 7pm. it's meant to shock your body into losing weight :)

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