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arghhhh..............Men! (Sorry any lads on forum)


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Hi all,

Really p***ed off...

Just had a huge row with hubby which started over..... my bad breath!! Can you believe it??

He complained yesterday a little but today it was a case of 'sort it out'. Tactful or what!

He suggested getting onto LT about why I cant chew gum... FFS I know why, I dont need to be told why. I told him he was more than welcome to try every chemist in the locality to get me the listerine strips and I would pay him back.

We were supposed to be taking the little one to the park as he has been driving everyone nuts since my op on Tuesday has meant he has been house bound too but I cant bear sitting in the car with him and my 'smelly breath'... So he has taken the little one on his own.

So cross and upset. He knows I am so unhappy with my weight. He isnt bothered by his excess weight although it has caused him a hiatus hernia and a possible normal hernia (currently awaiting ultrasound!!)

I want to be the same sort of size I was when we met but I didnt actualyl realise til today I am doing this for me. I really am!! Its a wonderful revelation.

I am going to give him the number for LT and tell him to ring them himself if he doesnt believe me. My motivation is quite low at the moment as I havent lost very much in the last 10 days and I really needed the support not another excuse to FAIL.... So hope I get near to goal by my holiday on 20th July as I dont want to stop until I am happy with my weight.

Sorry for the ramble everyone..... Just needed to get it down!
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Hi Theresa,
sorry you are feeling unsupported at the moment, hard when the people who should be in our corner aren't for whatever reason they have.
Delighted to see you write this:

"I didnt actualyl realise til today I am doing this for me. I really am!! Its a wonderful revelation."

Good for you, that's what it is ultimately about.
You have a good length of time left before your holiday to tackle the weight issue and have some good weight losses before you go.
Wishing you all the best.


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does a mouth wash used help?, cleaning teeth more often. is there a lysterine spray available-think i heard somewhere there was?
hope you decide to keep going and good luck


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Thanks girls,

Its funny that its not been until this week that the breath has been an issue for me. I think it may be partly due to the GA on Tuesday and that my fluid intake was much lower yesterday. I have upped my water today but its not making much of a difference..

Lets see whos impressed when I fit into a bikini & then a slinky dress for my daughters 18th!!!

My b-i-l has planned a girly day for my daughter, my sis and I on 22nd July (her 18th). They have a spa pool in their villa and he has promised some champagne (will be on refeed/maintenance by then). Just hope the shops will still have some bikinis then and I have already spotted a nice dress!!
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Not very supportive eh

Well plenty of people on here to offer you support so just check in on here when you need it, its real good for the motivation


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That sucks you're not getting the support you need at home! If you do want the listerine strips here is the link for the site I use to get them: http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/listerine-strips_s5.html

And they're relatively cheap!
Hope that helps!
Like Adam said....come on here for support! :)

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