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Good morning everyone GTI's Friday!!!! :clap:

Can anyone please explain, help, stop, or hit me.
I had a fantastic first weigh in on wednesday losing 5lb. And now since then i have sabotaged myself :doh:
I do this every time I start to lose a bit I then get all smug and complacement or something and a little bit of naughtyness creeps back into my eating habits :devilangel: WHY OH WHY?????!!!
I am SSing but my CDC says I can have a bit of chicken/tuna and salad. So now that I've lost some weight I've had lettuce and a chunk of cheese with some mayo?? Half a tree of celery. And then last night a chicken tikka dry with salad and a popodom. :banghead: And I've known I've done it thinking go on its ok you'll still lose weight.
Well I bloody well won't will I? I got on the scales this morning and I've put 3lb on :whoopass: and it's all my own fault. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY do I do this ???? Can anyone tell me :psiholog: Its almost like I don't think I deserve to lose mor weight and achieve my dream goal.
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i did this last week and put 3lb on but i put it behind me upped my water and lost it again 2 days later dont worry about it it isnt real fat youve gained,just get sraight back on and youll be fine by your weigh day im sure
Thanks for your reply. You've made me feel a bit better. Our heads are funny places aren't they.? Its so good to know someone somewhere has done or does similar things and learn off their experiences.

Thanks again - I'm going to the gym to do 2 hours fat burning later just to make doubley sure i'm in ketosis again and shift some blub.
Have a great weekend xx


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The way i see it is that the smallest bit of food that i'm allowed i crave so instead of cheating with something bad just keep to what your allowed as it is better than eating nothing (which after 3 weeks for me is a killer haha) sooooo the thought of just eating salad appeals to me..........going to be hard not to smother it in cheese and mayo but got to keep remembering that this is what made me this size and not to do it :)


a bit different everyday
I cant understand why your cdc has told you its ok to have this food on ss unless its add a meal week, you shouldnt be having anything as ss means exactly that soule source of nutrition, if you are finding it hard, why not take the pressure of your self and move up to 790 for a while, then you will not have the guilty feelings but willbe able to eat things like you have been doing.....just a thought
good luck
nat xx

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