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Oh no, don't be sorry this forum is great for offloading.

Don't worry about eating, just make up with your OH and pick yourself up and start again tomorrow with a clear head. We all have blips in the diet, but they can be overcome :)

Hope you're okay x x x


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aaahhh thats horrible, have a good gulg and dont have anymore! did you want to talk about it?


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arguments will always rock the boat so you'd better toughen up and get into the program or you'll just be wasting your energy and money. sorry for being harsh but there you go
we argued cas hes always wanted me to lose weight and ive tried everything. so today i was doing his head in about cravings so he just went mad and said ul never be able to do this

and that ive been saying it for2 years but its been going up instead. i had my 1baby last year in august and i put on 2 stones since then ive been trying.:sigh::sigh:

i feel like a big fat loser
You will be a big fat loser, thats what you want and tell yourself that, you have to do this for you and sod everyone else, you will get there just chip away even a pound a week is 52 pounds a year. Please dont give up. Prove him wrong it will feel so much better when you will.

You will be fine, chins up, as my bloke says (charming aint they) take care x


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dont worry hun, things are sed in the heat of the moment that are not always meant.

if you want to lose the weight you will lose it weather it takes 2 or 10yrs!

dont be disheartened, try and make your peace because tomorrow is another day to get back on track because you can do this! and the more you tell urself this, the more sucess you will have
il try again tommorow thanx every1. il be going now oh has gone out so il try get some sleep. but i will try again bye


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good luck with tomorrow, if you need a chat give me a shout! xxx


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il try again tommorow thanx every1. il be going now oh has gone out so il try get some sleep. but i will try again bye
As my CDC likes to remind me 'you alone can do this, but you don't have to do it alone' :hug99:

I know how you feel; it's terrible when you cheat but you must put it behind you and get back on the plan. You will learn eventually that there is nothing to be achieved by turning to food and you'll find better ways of coping (I'm still waiting for that to happen to me though :D)

Talk more and eat less and you'll get there in the end. 5 biscuits doesn't mean that you have failed at anything, it's a glitch and you'll get over it, tomorrow is another day.
just ignore him- men they always know our weak spot. Mine calls me lazy when he wants to get to me so when he does that I go on strike lol.

Hope your feeling better this morning and remember this is a new day forget about yesterday and start again today with new determination x


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I tend to think of things as "you only fail if you give up." You haven't given up!

Sounds to me like you have an emotional attachment to food, lotts. I guess lots of us do otherwise we wouldn't need CD! :D

It's like a mini self destruct button -- but you have to remember that only YOU can press it.

If you also don't mind me saying, it sounds like you're losing weight to please your OH rather than yourself.
I personally think you have to make CD a bit of a 'selfish' thing and your own project. Therefore, if you lose or gain, the only person you are accountable to is yourself.

Have a good think about your motives hun and good luck whatever happens. xx


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Hope you are feeling more positive today, remember, you've made the decision to lose weight and that is the hard part.
Today, you can do it, no picking and no chewing. I know it's horrible when you are used to using food as a crutch, I'm waiting for my big challenge to happen.
Put yesterday behind you, and possibly do what someone on here recommended. Write a list of why you want to lose weight, and then set yourself mini goals. Your first could be a day of CD with no cheating, and then build up from there.
We're all here for you. :grouphugg:
You can do this. Good Luck.:):):)
thank u so much ladies uve really made me feel better. i got up this morning feeling good. had 1 shake and pleanty of water next shake is at 2 so i think im going to stay on this all day so i dont go eat.

my goals r to lose 3 1/2 stones

wear a size 10
look and feel good for myself
not for him anymore


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glad you feel better this morning, hope everything is ok with hubby now! xxx
well yeah i can say its ok between us.
wear a size 10
look and feel good for myself
not for him anymore

Bloody good on you :)

Glad you're feeling better, just keep on going. There will be up days and down days, and the longer you stick at it the more up days you'll have because you'll realise your size 10 isn't that far away.

Good idea, anytime you feel a bit annoyed come moan to us, there is always someone here to offer a shoulder.

x x x x x
hi all on my second shake after 5 hours was feeling to tired so fell asleep. how is every1 else;)
That's us both! I had a huge barney with my adorable other half this week and I ended up eating too much food. It was too much of the healthy stuff rather than bad food but it still has exactly the same effect. I've learnt that I need to put in place coping strategies for emotional eating.

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