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armed with my first week SW shopping list and my car insurance has messed up grrrrrr

oh well i felt so embarrased in morrisons, checked the bank this morning as i left to go to my first slimming world class and it was full of money , toddled off to morrisons and did a big sw shop, full of everything id need to cook and bake etc, went through the check out and my card declined!!!.....turns out my direct debit was set up wrong and instead of the car insurance taking out a monthly payment they took out a full year payment!........i was gob smacked when i rang them explaining that i have 13p left in the bank to feed myself and my family for the week , the woman at the end of the phone sweetly said oh well at least you have car insurance for the year!!!!.....grrrrrrrr i was so angry, spoke to the bank and was told they couldnt do anything either. so i am extremely cheesed off :(
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all for my little man x
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That's awful, bless your heart, is so horrible when other people mess things up like that and leave you short, I would have thought that direct debits were meant to go out around midnight so that mistakes like that couldn't happen! Will you be able to borrow money for the week? x
ive had to talk nice to "the bank of mum" and she's lending me some thankfully, but i pride myself on budgeting really well and this has put a spanner in the works for a couple of weeks....but it wont mess with my sw journey, makes me even more determind :) i am now off into the kitchen and i am going to prepare a batch of mince ready for tomorrow nights kebab tea....oh i will have the smoothest mince once ive bashed it to death LOL
Surely the car insurance company should be refunding the months worth of money that they shouldn't have taken???

Hope they do - cheeky things!


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How absolutely flippin annoying what if they made you way overdrawn and you got charged, Bloody Cheek Ive had enough of insurance companies lately charging a fortune:mad:


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Surely the car insurance company should be refunding the months worth of money that they shouldn't have taken???

Hope they do - cheeky things!
^^^^^ This!

Whooaa. Back up the truck!

They have to refund you in full, (direct debit guarantee) and they can reset you on monthly direct debit.

I'd be furious with the really helpful person (not!) who consoled you with the fact you were insured for the year.

Actually your best bet may be an idemnity claim from your own bank. They will then refund you immediately and seek the money from said insurance company. This is normally the quickest way.

Please keep us posted of how the company deals with this. As someone who works in customer service, I am fascinated by such incompetence.


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I'd have cancelled it then and there over the phone and demanded a full refund, then gone to another company..
cheeky cow on the phone.. I'd have also asked... no .... DEMANDED to speak to her supervisor and got her fired if I could...


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As someone who has worked in financial industry this is very suspect,imo. DD should have shown in todays statement when you checked balance, also a yearly payment is almost always less than monthly payment X 12 as admin and interest are included in a monthly plan and not so in a one off payment. if you had set up a dd for 12 payments then you have the right to be refunded as per dd guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your complaint, then go straight to financial ombusman, thats what they're there for !!!

Hope you can get this resolved.

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