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Arrg i need help


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It's my sons birthday. There is left over birthday cake and it is driving me mad, plus lots of goodies around. I think Im ging to cave in. I hope by posting this im stopping myself. He is also having a party on friday and i love kids party food. So the binger in me is telling me to eat now and on friday at the party and try getting it back off, but that would be really stupid as im refeedig on friday and that wont be a good start will it. Also my hubby has just said he's starving and I bit his head off and said you don't know what starving means lol. What do i do someone please talk some sense into me.:copon:
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Get your hubby to throw the cake in the bin and get urself in bed as quick as you can. Its not worth it and you will feel well bad afterwards.

Nite and good luck!
give it the dog or just give them away with the kids neighbour family members make your husband eat the lot anything but dont you eat it i can tell you now i know this as a fact once you eat that crap you feel so down and depressed you might even cry i did you feel like you have let your self down you wont feel like your the same as everyone else on here who are in ketosis you will feel just horrible with ya self so take a step back and think of what you really want and i bet it is not the nasty horrible weight gaining JUNK food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO...NOT....DO...IT! If you want success, then the taste of that cake will have you bombed out for days, if not longer. It really is not worth it. I bake 2 dozen bread rolls nearly every week for my OH to take 2 to work each day, sometimes he brings one home uneaten...in the past, I've eaten it before my evening meal, I HATE wasting any food at all, especially food I've put my love and effort into making. BUT, I now tell him to unwrap it and sling it in the bin, immediately.
The way I feel about my new size 14 body is worth SO much more than a few mouthfuls of forbidden food.


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chuck it in the bin!!!!!!!!!!!


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Step away from the cake, and go for a walk. In the meantime ask you hubby to eat it or bin it. You can do it and you are so nearly there, you can last until tomorrow.

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