As a newbie to the forums....


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In what respect?


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Hello and welcome.

This a place where we can write a diary, either daily weekly, monthly. Whatever you want. You can discuss your diet, the way you feel maybe things which are going on in your life if you want. It is what you make it.

It is a chance to meet others, get support, help, advice etc and also quite a few laughs.

Have a look around,you won't be disappointed


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Thanx Tasi, I just saw a few posts but wondered if there was some form of template where you were all making your diaries. Lol.
So you just put a post as usual about how youve been doing? I havent got started yet, deciding on whether to follow vlcd or go for ketogenic. I like the idea of the latter as I need a strict and organised approach. As soon as I get started beginning of February, I will start a diary. Need .all the support i can get. ;0).