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as anyone else had second thoughts?


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Today I been really thinknig about things and maybe just maybe slimming world isn't strict enough for me. i'm not sure if i be better going weight watchers lose the weight then slimming world to maintain, Im just really confused. I been reading up on ww and looks quite strict where on slimming world i take quite lightly.

anyone else switches for a while and any advice?
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I've never done WW as for me personally I don't think I could manage on so little food! SW works for me as I can eat as little or as much as I want, and it's very easy to fit into my lifestyle.

You are losing weight with SW, and it seems like you're enjoying the plan and implementing it well.


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i always go bad after a good week that my problem! It was just a thought im doing 30 days 100% and seeing how much i lose then seeing from there. thankyou for reply x

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Each to their own hun! It doesn't really matter what plan you do or don't follow - if you're not in 'the zone' they can all seem an uphill battle! I'm not saying you're 'not in the zone' though! Why not take a peek at the WW forum and see what you think! Whatever you decide, good luck xxx


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Why not put your losses somewhere where you can see them often to remind you how well you're doing - then if you are tempted to go off track it can spur you back on. Or do a similar thing with a list of reasons why you want to lose weight.

I know this isn't always easy, especially if you have a family whose eating habits are different, but the only way I can stop myself from having a 'bad' week is to not buy rubbish in the first place. If I fancy a snack, I always make sure I have lots of free food and low syn things in stock to sway me off from going to the shop to buy chocolate!
my friend has done both ww and sw and said on ww she made bad choices on what she used her points on-a banana was the same as jaffa cakes so she went for the jaffa cakes!

to succeed on ww you need a lot more self control to make the right choices. plenty of people are successful on it and these will more likely be the ones who would go for the banana over the jaffa cakes!

have a look at some of the food diarys on the ww section. but i think giving yourself a month on 100% is a good idea then reassess after its up

good luck
ive just come from ww, and agree that its VERY easy to make bad choices. Im finding SW isnt working for me as well (i lost 20 pounds on ww and still maintaing that but have 20 to go) so i am calorie counting and SWing at the same time to eat healhty but have control over how much i have
I have done both. W.W. and SW. For me there is no choice. It is all down to you and you alone. I was often very hungry doing W.W. with SW I am never hungry and I lose weight.

All the advice you have been given is good advice, but as has been said the final choice is yours.

Personally, I love completing my food diary each day. I now have an exercise diary as well. I love the help, support and advice I receive and I am sure you would get all of that from W.W.

What are you looking for from a diet. You use the words "not strict enough " Do you need a diet that stipulates every mouthful you eat ??

Do you go to a group ?? If you do, why not bring up this question there and see what feedback you get.

I see you have lost a stone........... that is really good.


Everyone is different, and you should do what suits you best. But you might ask yourself why you want a diet to be stricter than it needs to be?
Gemma hon, if you cant continue a good week on after a successful week, with a plan as flexible and easy as sw.. how do you intend to keep that motivation when your being even more 'strict' ? - i have no idea about ww, so dont know.. but if you restrict yourself, your far more likley to want somthing more.. esp if your hungry. Personally i dont think you should switch 'diets' just for loosing and switch back to maintain, i think its ok to give somthing new a go for a week or so when you just cant shift those last lbs to target .. but i think you should fully commit to one plan.
i say this because its a long road to target (not lbs wise, emotionally) and you have to give it your all. That plan becomes a part of you and its stuck in your brain. You'l really struggle to get back into sw if you spend the rest of your journy on another plan because you just wont be used to it, and i think its just adding unneccisary pressure to yourself.

Gemma babe, its not the plan.. your just not commiting to it in the long run. I think you need to sit down with yourself and really think about why YOU can stick with it after a good week? and put into action the solutions you come up with. What your takeling right now is the 'other side' to weight loss, the emotional side to food. No plan, whether it be sw or any other will fix that.. you have to work at it.

I personally couldn't stick to WW thats why i'm here lol i'd run out of points at 7.30 and panic. I'm hoping that SW will be better for me in the long run :)
That is just what happened to me. I had run out of points so early each day and even with daily planning I could not believe where they had gone. I did lose weight but I was miserable.

I eat so well and so healthily on SW. and I think one of the secrets is not to expect to much each week.

The answer to any diet is discipline. Without it you might as well forget any diet.


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thankyou to all your replies i think im just having a bad week... its 1st weightloss weigh in after my holiday 1lb gain and its * week and me being bad i looked at scales and said i gained 2lb and i been realllly good this week, my 'real' weigh in tonight at class so going to see then talk to my consultant i think im just going through pmt sorry...
You have nothing to apologise for Gemma. I just think it is good we have here to come to to let it all out. It is what keeps me going.

Congratulations on your 1 stone loss and heres to the next one !!!
Gemma I think maybe you're just grappling with that thing we all face at some point on this journey - wanting the weight to come off as fast as possible. A 'stricter' plan might well do that for you, and if that's your priority then by all means, go for it! You'll need a lot of committment and discipline to get the weight off quickly.

But what about once it's all off? This is where I feel SW is really streets ahead of the competition. It retrains your brain as well as getting the weight off, so that you don't just go back to old habits and regain what you've lost. It's hard to overstate how important that change in habits is for keeping the weight off long-term. The trade-off is you lose a little more slowly, but isn't that a price worth paying for permanent change in your body and mind?

Good luck to you whatever you decide. :)


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As long as it comes off at some point i'm happy honestly not that.

Slimming world is brilliant really is and when i'm 100% I can lose weight. My problem is i'm looking at food and thinking I can eat that I can eat that etc etc and my portions are still 50% more than my partners and I'm eating way too much. Also i'm a picky eater I tend do eat little things and think I've onl ate 1 smartie i dont need syn that etc.. then there's my bond with weekend takeaways i know sounds so pathetic but Im finding hard break up with that. i know what you think im not commited I sound stupid like I dont care, I do desperately want to lose weight im just finding it hard to break old habbits!

I just thought if i was on stricter diet i might tend not to binge as much but I will, if im hungry i will eat!
Not everyone is lucky enough to find the diet that fits them best straight away. Most of us have tried various diets.

Obviously if people have tried WW and been hungry and run out of points then its understandable they dont like it, doesnt mean the diet is bad, means its just not the right one for them or its not being followed correctly.

I tried SW briefly and knew pretty soon it just wasnt for me at all. Whereas I LOVE WW, I never ever run out of points and Im never hungry....so WW is the diet for me.

If you dont think SW is for you and you want to change, give something else a go and see how you get on, you might find that WW or Cal counting etc just clicks and is 'your' diet. On the other hand you might hate the change and it might just reinforce that SW is for you.

By all means stop SW - just dont stop dieting :)
My problem is i'm looking at food and thinking I can eat that I can eat that etc etc and my portions are still 50% more than my partners and I'm eating way too much..... then there's my bond with weekend takeaways
OK, the portion thing is down to you, hon - the point of Free Foods is to prevent you from going hungry, not to encourage you to eat big portions you don't actually need. Feeling hungry and deprived is the downfall of many diets, so SW devised the Free Foods concept as a way of tackling that psychologically, and it works beautifully if you take it in that way. You have to be sensible about it, and that's something you will learn as you go along. Reforming what you are used to thinking of as a 'normal' portion doesn't happen in five minutes, it's a process.

You can still have a takeaway if you want one, you just need to again make sensible choices. I've never been one for takeaways myself, but I'm sure some of the other ladies can help you out with advice about what's good to have on SW.



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WW is a great plan, just like SW, but it's just as easy to make bad choices on it as it is on SW. So perhaps you should be thinking about the reasons why you go off plan and tackling that head on rather than jumping from plan to plan. Many people seem to do this without ever addressing the basic problem and so are never successful.

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