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Aspects of Dukan (**please note, not following dukan diet**)

**Please note i am not following the dukan diet per se. I have done 4 days of attack but as i had lost a 8lbs the week before attack by eating sensibly I decided to revert to that to lose as much weight as possible that way before going full Dukan!. I have learnt a lot from the book though and will continue certain parts of the diet like avoiding refined sugars as much as possible, eating oatbran on a daily basis, making walking something i do everyday. Im continuing this diary for a while at least as a)it helps me to record things and b)it may prove useful for others to see the effects/slowdown of weight loss**

Hi All,
Starting my diary, mainly for myself but also hopefully to get some help and guidance when i go wrong for the experts :)

Why the title? Im a BIG fan of roller coasters and in particular Orlando ones. Ive been with my now fiancee for 2 years and put on 4 stone in that time. My weight has always bounced around a little but generally, if im happy, ive gained weight. Times when things werent good ive lost weight. Ive been VERY happy the last 2 years :)
We went to Florida last Christmas, I was so chuffed to show Leigh my favourite place in the world as she had never been. I knew something was up from the get go, i was having to use the big seats on rides... not something id had to do before and then came the big shock.. Rip Ride Rocket, a new ride at Universal Studios.. i couldnt ride.. the restraint wouldnt close :(

We are getting married next year in September and going back to Florida (doing it posh as its our h-moon, Upper Class flights, posh Disney Hotel etc) and im determined that i will slip effortlessly into every ride seat INCLUDING my nemesis.. Rip Ride Rocket :)

My Starting Weight is 21 stone. Now heres a thing. The week before i started Dukan, i started to cut down on rubbish, beer and sweet treats went on day one, by the end of the week i had stopped using sugar in coffee and on my cereal. I lost 8lbs in that week.. i do wonder though if ramping things down may effect the shock factor and reduce my loses in the attack phase but we will see.

So off we go

Day 1 of 7 on Attack.

Breakfast - 5 pieces Sainsburys be good to yourself bacon (2% fat) , 2 dry fried eggs

Snack - Oatbran muffin (made with 0% greek yoghurt, oatbran, baking powder, splash of vanilla extract and dash of cinnamon, need to get some splenda to sweeten but even without these werent bad)

Snack - 1 pack Sainsbury taste the difference Roast beef (yummy)

Lunch - 250g Chicken Curry (made with chicken breast and a sauce of yoghurt, garlic curry powder, cayene pepper and chilli flakes)
.. made a cock up here and curdled the yoghurt, lesson learned.

Dinner - 500g rump steak, any fat cut off. Pepper sauce made with yoghurt, ground black pepper, garlic, spoon of Dijon mustard... not bad if i say so myself)

3 Litres of water
1 large cup of coffee with skimmed milk
1 large glass of Coke Zero with dinner

Walk with dog (bit stop/start) for 10 mins
Walk on my own round the lakes for 30 mins

Feeling a little drained and aware that my tummy is sending messages to my brain to send me foraging for something sugary but it can whine all it wants, its had more than its fair share today :)

Looking forward to the scales tomorrow morning.. not be able to say that in years!
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Day 2 weigh in - 20st 12lbs (-2lbs)

Happy with that start. There wasnt as much..ahem.. waste as there usually is this morning either so i was pleasantly surprised to be 2lbs down, especially after the amount of steak and chicken i put away yesterday.

Going to walk to Sainsburys in a bit to see if they have any quark and extra lean mince in so i can make up some burgers for lunch... its a couple of miles away so thats something i wouldnt have dreamed of doing before :)
Loved reading your diary :) well done on your 1st loss.
Food looks good, only thing I would say us did you check the ingredients of your roast beef, alot of supermarket and deli meats add potato starch, sugars and salts and not Dukan friendly.
You can get some which are ok but def takes alot of hunting and label reading.
Have a great day x

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Thanks Claire.

Checked out the roast beef, all looks good, its the sainsburys taste the difference stuff so its just lean roast beef.. lovely it is too :)

Bit of a slip up today (see lunch) but if the worst error i make is a splash of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar that's not the end of the world.

My transit has ground to a halt though, not sure if its psychological as im only 2 days in but things definitely arent moving as they usually do.

Anyhooo.. food for today

Breakfast - Oatbran muffin with coffee (skimmed milk)
30 mins later - 2 dry fried eggs and 5 sainsburys low fat bacon (2%)
Snack - pack of Sainsburys be good to yourself chicken

Lunch - 400g lean beef cubes marinated in 2 tbspoons of soy, 2 tbspoons of rice wine vinegar, garlic, chilli flakes and cayenne pepper.

Dinner - 2 breasts from a roast chicken, skin removed, clean white meat only

Snack - pack of sainsburys be good to yourself ham

2.5litres of water
1 cup of coffee
3 glasses of coke zero

10am - Walk with the dog up to the farm - 20mins
3pm - Walk to Sainsburys to get some Quark - 1 hour including 20 mins wandering around Sainsburys
7pm - Big walk around the lakes with Leigh - 1hour, 2.4 miles across country according to pedometer.

Hopefully the walking will balance the slip up at lunch time, drank loads today but its been hot.
Hope i get some 'movement' tomorrow morning or i think i could be disappointed at weigh in.

Night all :)


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Well done and good luck on your goal. Your menus are sounding very inventive and tasty. Only thing I would say is I thought bacon was not allowed or anything pork. Bacon because of the salt content mostly I think. Unless it is one of the new updates I have not got my head around in my book it was no pork products at all until consolidation.
Hi Poppy :)

Fat reduced bacon is on the 72 foods for attack ive been working off.

I use this one..

Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself Smoked Bacon Medallions (10 per pack - 200g) in Sainsbury's | mySupermarket

A little bit salty, just over 3g per 1/2 pack serving ive been having but aside from yesterdays slip up with the soy im pretty low salt everywhere else so i think im ok. Good fat and carb content on this bacon so hopefully its ok.

Its a lot less salt than i am used to eating, as ive got older ive started putting salt on everything especially the rare occasions i ate veg :)

Ive been really going for it on my walks as well and sweating like a piggy so i know i need to stick to the rules but with it being summer and me being a sweaty oinker i probably can get away with a little more salt...i hope!
Hmm had a read up on salt content and it does look kinda high, no better or worse than regular bacon. I dont believe in the government guidlines but they state 6g of salt a day is recommended. With that in mind what i will do is reduce my portion to 2 medallions a day. This gets it down to .7g of salt per serving which is just over 1/10th of daily allowance. Ill still get the flavor of one of my fav things but will bulk the protein out with egg whites.

Thanks for the heads up Poppy :)
Fantastic diary name! we're hoping to go back next year to. It'll be great not to start worrying as i get on the plane if the belts are going to fit and will my bum be squashed by the arm rests! Ive not made my mind up about Rip Ride Rockt yet, i love coasters but dont like the BIG drops like Sheikra or ToT! Ive also got vertigo so not sure my brain will let me on them anymore :cry::cry: Plan to try though lol

Have turkey rashers rather than the bacon, i think i read that you liked those anyway. I cut too much salt out of my diet and started getting calf cramps every night OUCH! so ive had to start putting some back in/on my food.


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I just went back and had a look at my attack foods and bacon is definately a no no on mine as is all pork products for being too fatty. Bacon is additional no for the salt. If I remember rightly getting rid of salt is to do with allowing the cells to get flushed out with clean water and aid the diet. Turkey bacon is allowed as the pp said but I never found it! But then to me bacon is in a sandwich of white bread with brown sauce so no on all accounts! :-(


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Apparently bacon medallions with all fat trimmed off (but in moderation of course) is allowed as well as pork tenderloin. Someone mentioned on the forum that Dr D has said that British people on Dukan are allowed to have pork, but ONLY tenderloin. Hope this helps.
Been a tough one today, really felt lethargic after lunch and very hungry early evening, but i still powered on so another day closer to veg :) (Im not a veg eater but all i can think of is adding mushrooms to an omlette and making up a lovely tomato and basil sauce for my mince :)

Eaten a bit more today I think, or thats how it feels.

Day started well, transit was good, black coffee seemed to work for me.

Breakfast - Oatbran muffin with quark spread on it (not bad at all, not used sweetner in either so far so will try that next batch)
Ham Omlette - 2 whole eggs + 2 whites, 2 pieces lean ham cut into strips.

Snack - 2 pieces lean ham

Lunch - 2 home made 1/4 pounders, extra lean mince with pepper, cayenee and ground chilli. Not bad but i noticed the lack of fat and salt in the burger which made it a little bland to my current tastes. Tried quark on 1 of them to see if it made a cheeseburger... it didnt :)

Dinner - Chicken Curry - Diced chicken breast marinated in curry spice, ground chilli, ground garlic and cayene. Dry fried and then 0% yoghurt mixed with more spice in at the end. Wasnt over keen to be honest, need to do something else with chicken.

Snack - Can of tuna with a splash of vinegar and pepper

Treat! - Weight watchers toffee yoghurt

2 Litres of water
1 Coffee with skimmed milk, 1 black
1 glass of coke zero
1 glass of skimmed milk

10am 20 min walk with dog (approx 1.2miles)
3pm 50 min walk round the big lake (4.6 miles according to pedometer)
8pm 40min wander to sainsburys for yoghurts and splenda (mile or so not including walking round massive sainsburys)

Its funny that after only a short while what I would have seen as repulsive is now a treat (ie the yoghurt).

Phew and wasnt it hot today, no idea how i managed that big walk in this heat but i power walked it and didnt even stop to open gates, i used the styles (is that the right word for them?) as i didnt want to stop to open and close.
Food today didn't hit the mark taste wise, it's so disappointing when that happens.... Don't know about you but I feel oh well it fills a gap attitude now, the old me would feel the need to ditch and eat more/ something else but attitude towards food us slowly changing ( for the better I hope lol )
Have you tried marinating chicken in garlic and 5 spice then roasting, I cook chicken thighs like that and they are really good :)

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I wasnt sure if 5 spice was ok but i love it so will have yet another wander to sainsburys today to get some ta claire. Im loving that i look for any excuse to take the 20 minute each way walk to sainsburys as im really starting to enjoy walking. I know Dr D. says 20 mins no more or less in attack but despite being big ive always done a lot of exercise.

Not as dramatic loss today, just 1lb, but its still 1lb less than i was carting around yesterday :)

3rd Weigh in, 20st 9lbs (-1lbs)

5 lbs in 3 days of attack so far.
Day 4 of attack.

Hot day again, got very tired late afternoon and had to have a lay down in the bedroom with the air conditioning running full pelt. Enjoyed food more today but think ive messed up with the weightwatchers yoghurts as they they 6g of sugar.

Anyhooo..food for today

Breakfast - oatbran muffin with quark/sweetner/vanilla extract spread on .. very nice
2nd Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled, 4 pieces of turkey bacon

Lunch - 2 x home made 1/4 burgers (tasted nicer than yesterday as i made them thinner and did them on the fornby grill)
Fat free raspberry jelly (yummers!)

Snack - Pack of sainsburys taste the difference beef

Dinner - 2 chicken breasts with 5 spice and garlic, cooked on skewers
Weight watchers fat free vanilla yoghurt

Not hungry at all and enjoyed my food today, but there is 6g of sugar in the yog and the lead ingredient in 5 spice is sugar! only used a dash on each kebab but it all adds up.

2.5 litres of water
1 coffee with skimmed milk, 2 black
Glass of coke zero

10am Walk to Sainsburys (about 30 mins including shopping approx 1mile)
2pm Walk around the North lake (50 mins, approx 3.5 on rough ground)
4pm Walk with dog around mini lake, (10min, about 1/2 a mile)

Would be a good day but im worried ive overdone the sugar, i guess the scales will tell me in the morning!
Well first day of 'normal eating with aspects of dukan' yesterday.

Have to say, eating 'normally' wasnt the pleasure i thought it would be, it was tinged with a bit of guilt.

Anyway food was

Breakfast - 80g of Shreddies with 1tbspoon oatbran (skimmed milk) - 12g of sugar straight away from the shreddies

Snack - Dukan oatbran muffin

Lunch - 2 x turkey bacon sandwiches with lighter butter and ketchup (4 slices of wholemeal bread)

Dinner - Extra lean mince chilli with packet mix, 1 onion and can of beans

Snack - Sugar free/Fat free jelly

Drinks - 2 x Coffee, 1 skimmed milk, 1 black
2 large glasses of diet lemonade
1 glass of coke zero
2 litres of water

(Found out my pedometer was wrong so i hadnt been walking as far as i though previously)
10am 4.5 mile walk
2pm 0.5 mile walk with dog
8pm 2.5 mile walk with Leigh

50 wide grip press ups.

Weigh in this morning

20st 8lbs

No change in weight which im happy with, with the shreddies, 4 slices of bread and beans that was quite a lot of carbs and sugar yesterday. Also although it was only 50 press ups yesterday, my pectoral muscles have reharded quite a bit so they may have pulled some water in.

Will continue to weigh each day until Sunday to see how things change then go to once a week.
any chance of you renaming your diary to part dukan so that a newbie doesnt get the wrong idea and starts stuffing beans and bread down

pretty please xxxx

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