Asthma ?


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if the lit says it then I dont understand why the pharmacist has said its okay. I would honestly check with LT themselves as alot of the times the pharmacists dont really know what they are talking about. Mine was unsure about what ketosis is !!!

At the end of the day nothing is worth putting your health at risk... and your sis should definitely get the go ahead from her doctor and LT before she goes onto the diet xx

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I have very bad asthma. I didn't see anything in the DVD that alarmed me and my pharmacy never mentioned it -neither did my GP. I'll be honest, when I started in the first two or so weeks after every shake I needed my inhaler (must have been something in the shakes that aggravated my asthma) but after that I got no troubles at all. It's down to your sister. If she's worried she should talk to her GP.


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I've got asthma too and have noticed I hardly need my inhaler anymore. Must be because my lungs aren't having to work so hard when lugging all my fat around ;)


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Me too. And I declared it on my questionnaire. The pharmacist never raised an eyebrow and didn't ask for a doctors note or anything either.