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rainbow brite

This is quite possibly going to sound really odd but I've just had my third shake of the day and found myself needing my inhaler after the first few sips. Ordinarily I'd put it down to coincidence however I remembered that this happened with my strawberry shake earlier...

It's not giving me full-on asthma but certainly making enough of a difference to my breathing to warrant me taking my medication.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if I am just a freak of nature...

~Gem x
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My asthma has all but gone since LT!:confused:

Probably the reduction in fat!

Get that checked out, RB!

rainbow brite

Well that would certainly be a factor in yours disappearing :)

Mine however remains a bit of a mystery then. Mine does get triggered by certain things such as strong squash drinks and chocolate so I'm thinking maybe the shakes contain something that triggers it. Not a big problem really, just didn't expect it is all!
Rainbow, I have the squash prob!

How weird is that? Maybe Google will help narrow down what the ingredient is?:)


Says it as it is!!!
My BIL also has wierd food triggers too...strawberry and custard sweets and peardrops...must be somehting in em hunni xxx did it happen when you had the chocolate shake...maybe its the strawberry flavour ingredient?


Staff member
It is possible that you are allergic to something in the shakes!

Perhaps the colouring?

Skimmed milk?


rainbow brite

Can't really remember if it happened with the chocolate one but it definitely happened with both strawberry and vanilla. I'll have to bring it up with good 'ol doc and see if she has any idea of what the ingredient(s) is/are.

BellyFlop - told you we're twins :rotflmao:

rainbow brite

Mini - that's a possibility but I've not the faintest idea what it could be. To my knowledge I'm not allergic to any of those ingredients but then I could be and not even know!


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All the sweet flavoured drinks have aspartame in them.

The chicken soup doesn't either does the flapjack!

Aspartame is in a lot of low fat foods and diet drinks...so is there any of those you react to?

Bring your bag with you to your doctor so that he can go down the list of ingredients with you.

Love Mini xxx
RB, I just read that the following could be triggers....


Yep, twins for sure! (MENTALLY, ANYWAY!)

Lisa xx
Fab idea mini, thanks a lot for the help :)

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