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At group last night...


I will succeed!!!
...we had a little 'target member' competition, where those at target gave a little overview of their journey. Why they started, how they managed to stay on track etc. We then had a Q&A session before voting for one of them to win a prize. It was really hard because they've all done so so well!

That in itself was inspiring, but our consultant then did things differently. She went around the rest of us and asked us to give our reasons for being at SW and add in something that inspires us (our fave recipe etc).

It was amazing. I like everyone at group - they're a great bunch of people :) But I've not been there very long (6 weeks) so I don't know them amazingly well. But last night felt like a really nice bonding session and it really was brilliant.

I'm quite shy at group so I had to talk more than usual (scary) but I am so glad my consultant did this as I was able to say out loud my reasons for going and what keeps me going and I've never done that before.

Just thought I'd share - I know other consultants probably do these things too but it's the first time we've done something more personal like that (group is usually us chatting about our week until WI etc).

I heart SW :)
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It sounds like a really happy group, and your consultant sounds like a really good one, that's half the battle when you go to a class to know that you can depend on your consultant at all times, well done to you and your class, you are doing so well with your weight loss, best wishes to you.
oh your group and your consultant sound fantastic. Thats the kind of group I wanted.... instead I got a bunch of numpties who wouldnt speak at all..... Im so jealous. lol
Sounds like a good class! Our group was fab last week. Our C had the people who lost choose someone who had STS or gained and then we partnered up and chatted about our week and what we were going to do the following week and then 'presented' our findings back to our C. It was great for bonding but also to get/give advice on a one on one basis and really worked well. It was a nice change to the usual Image Therapy.


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We have a good leader she always asks the group for suggestions if someone is struggling, and then tops up with suggestions of her own. It was our target member thing last night, and we had a tasting night too!
Just a thought tho, I seemed to be the only one doing EE. I couldn't believe it isn't more popular.


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Judi i started extra easy last wednesday, mainly as you have been doing so well, and we had a different coonsultant so didn't really discuss it much, but i know everyone else does red/green. This week i lost 2lb (v.pleased) but no group again as C is poorly so was just doing weigh in's. I don't know why everyone is avoiding extra easy it is exactly that...might ask them next week!


I will succeed!!!
Thanks for the replies :)

I think I landed myself a fab group - I really do love going. I actually feel excited about going :)

EE sounds great but I didn't give that a go. I stayed with Red-Green as that's what I got into when I started SW first time around. But those at group on it do well on it :)


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We had to vote for a target member too - it was so hard, and I felt terrible choosing because they've all done so well.

And we had a scrummy tasting, which I also felt guity about as it was my first night going back after several months break so I hadn't contributed. The deliciousness of the food helped ease my guilt pangs though. ;)

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