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at my wits end** but pushing for a 5 day 100% challenge **


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I'm lost, i'm lonely and i'm tired of this right now.

Those word above sum up how i feel..........

I'm lost as to where i head from here - I cant seem to find a diet that i can stick to but i know i really want to carry on.

I'm lonely - because i feel like i'm in a glass gold fish bowl swimming around and around aimlessly, switching from one diet to the next but getting no where fast.

I'm tired - Tired of wanting something that feels so unreachable.

I so really want to get on with the second half of my journey but the problem is i feel happier in myself than i have done for a good few years and that is so dangerous. I don't want to stop now but the happiness is outweighing any focus and determination i have to push me further down my weight loss track.

Today was meant to be day one of my restart as was yesterday but i just cant seem to stick with it.

How do i get myself back on track ? Please any advice welcome as i really really don't want to stop here.
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Hi sass

I think that you need to first of all recognise just how much you have already achieved - its quite remarkable. 58 pounds or 3 stone 2 pounds already gone, from severely obsse to obese - amazing results.
Lots of people struggle to restart - perhaps you could do a daily diary here to provide you with personal accountability, and motivation from others.
It took me a couple of months to get properly started this time on CD - you are not alone with this struggle.
You have a great goal already identified - to get into the overweight category - wouldn't that be terrific, its what I have been aiming for.
Tommorow is a new day - give it another go, you've done it before and you can do it again.
Good Luck x


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I know how hard it can be when you have lost your way... but as Bling says, you have done SO well and come SO far. If you can just stick to CD for 5 days - and you CAN - that would set a pattern that you can build on. You just need a good start. You can do this... you ARE doing it, even if perhaps taking the scenic route at times. Time to get on track and shift those last few lbs. It is possible... minis can be a lifeline, so stay on here hun and keep posting. One day at a time.

All of us have felt like this at some point... but you can't fail unless you give up and walk away. Stay with it. You will get there in the end.

Big hugs.

Hi Sass,

I have lost similar amounts to you and found myself struggling to carry on lately too.

It's like I'm sabotaging myself cos i'm scared of the the slim person getting out.

The mind and body are trying to play tricks. This is the time that I am finding mental strength is really being tested.

Not sure what to tell you babes other than keep going... you will be so glad you did. You are not the only one who gets to this point, (just at half way) and has a wobble!

You will get through it. I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel.

But keep on keeping on. You may feel worse than you do now if you don't finish what you started.

Good luck, and use the site for support.
Just take it day by day sweet, you CAN do this. Thats how I got through CD whilst on SS+....day by day and watching the scales go down almost daily. Stick with it xxx
Aww big hugs to you , you lost so much weight allready so think back to the reasons that spured u on to loose the weight in the 1st place and within that you shud find the strenght to carry on...dont beat ur self up with ur thoughts hun xx
We've all been there hun! You have to try and look at it from a positive angle, look at what you have already achived and think how much worse you would feel if you were back at the start. Your subsonscious is trying to beat you, but you absolutely can do this!!!! Believe me if I can succeed ANYBODY can!

Losing as much as you have already is something very few people will ever achive in their lives - You need to be proud!!

Chin up xx


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Its hard because i know what my ultimate goal is and i want it bad but right now as i said i'm happier in myself than i have been for a while. When i first started dieting early this year it felt all new and exciting which is what i think has kept me going but at the moment that excitement has gone as i'm more comfortable within myself. I would be upset with myself if i lost my way now though.

BlingBabe - I read through your reply last night but i was so upset with myself i couldn't reply, it hurts so much to want something that feels out of reach but your post did make me see that yes i have come relatively far ( but always in the back of my mind i say "not far enough though, if only you hadn't been messing around so much") I hope i can put on my motivation head and determination to see me through this next phase.

Katycakes - Thanks for the 5 day idea, i think i will turn this thread into my 5 day challenge. Your advice and kind words mean a lot.

I do agree that once i have got into a pattern i should be okay and that's what i need, focus for at least 5 days and then i would hope to be on track. I also haven't seen my CDC for ages now as i have lots of packs and i don't want to waste her time just for a wi but i'm thinking i need to see her to set me up and then i can look forward to the next wi but i have left it at the moment that i will contact her once i'm out of packs.

Claudine - Thankyou for your reply, its nice to know i'm not the only one. Minimins is the only place i can get the real support and motivation. Good luck with your journey to hun.

Sleepybird - Yes i think your right day by day is the way to go.

I don't know if anyone else is the same but as the weather is getting colder ( not that it is here ) but nights are drawing in and the trees are shedding their leaves and i'm getting that whole winter feeling i really feel like comfort eating much more than any other time of the year so far. I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same about winter ? Its like a green light for PJ's and food and a good film or book in the evenings :rolleyes:

I do feel more positive after reading through what all you lovely people out there had to say and i'm so hoping i can get through today 100% so watch this space.....

I will report back this eveing. plz cross fingers for me :fingerscrossed:


One day at a time!
Hi Sass, well everyone has given you all the advice so I can't add a lot, other than to say "remember you are not alone with this". I am also struggling a bit and someone above mentioned a wobble at about half-way and that rang a bell with me.

Did you write down a series of goals when you started out? If so have a read of them again. If you didn't well now's the time to start and figure in some great rewards too! At my heaviest I would rather have cut off my arm than undress and have a massage, but that is something I did 2 stone later - and it was fabulous! I also find it helpful to keep looking at my statistics and ticker - just to confirm how far I've come, but also how far I still have to go.

I know what you mean about winter drawing in - longer evenings are harder to deal with. Have you tried a savoury drink? I use Marigold bouillon and it just adds a bit of comfort to those dark nights! Maybe take up a hobby that uses your hands and occupies you - it's very difficult to eat and knit at the same time! A nice cosy scarf knits up quite quickly so you can see progress each day and you can wear it when the weather really gets cold.

Hope you can see through your wobble and head right back on track:)


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On track so far today woohooo :D

I've had almost 3L's of water, my plus meal and going to have 2 shakes together in a mo and then one abit later. Feeling good after being on top form when dishing out the family dinner which was so so so tempting but i resisted :angel09:
thinking of u hun xx
Well done Sass! I completely understand how you feel. So many of use have felt what you have been feeling. Put a chart on the fridge with your 5 days challenge and use a red pen to cross each completed day in the morning. Then add another challenge of another 5 days and cross of each day. Before you know it you will have completed 10 days! Keeping doing this setting yourself 5 days challenges. You will get into it. You've done so well with your 58 pounds you've already lost! x
Great to see that you are almost through day one, just hang on and take it day by day.
I am saying to myself that this time I will do it - I have been on and off diets for thirty years since I was a child - I just so want all of us to succeed and not have to do these kind of diets ever again.
It must be difficult preparing food for others. There have been some good suggestions - keep occupied (Minxie) I keep buying junior cross stitch kits from the local craft shop, I shall have to pretend that I'm buying them for a child, ha ha
Keep up the good work and lots of luck x


Stubborn tortoise
Big hug for Sass.... you can do this!!! Have a great Thursday hun and stay strong... those red crosses will soon mount up!



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Thank you so much Katycakes. I'm looking forward to the rest of today. I feel so much better after just 1 100% day. I will report in later.

Have a great day all.

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