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at tesco last night..

Was at tesco last night looking for something for my dinner and unfortunately it needed to be something microwavable as was dogsitting at someone elses house!

At the section with the weight watchers meals and tescos light choices range. And saw a pair of woman with their ww calculators out (don't know why as all the ww products and light choices has the ww points calculated and printed on the box!! how great would it be if they did that for SW tooo!) and just had to laugh at how much better SW is!!

The meal i chose was 2 syns or i think 6 WW points!! Plus i get all my HEA and Bs and HUGEEEEEE range of free foods lol!! :D:D:D:D

As i type this I am munching into a huge mountain of COMPLETELY FREE FOOD :D diet coke quorn chicken with rice with sweetcorn, peas and peppers through it! YUM

Made me LOL so just had to share!! Why don't WWs know what they are missing out on! SW rocks!!

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Nojo on the YoYo
Brilliant brilliant brilliant! This is why I love SW so much. I did WW and it was RUBBISH, made me lazy and crave processed rubbish I could shove down my gob without having to cook.

What meal did you get? x
Had a wee veg curry with rice was alright nothing special not much of a fan of microwave meals at all! Tho I do luv lazy food like pasta n sauce and lowfat supernoodles yum!

Yeh I tried WW for a few days and found that when I had had my tiny tiny meals that was all my points for the day used up with nothing left for treats! RUBBISH duno how people can stick to that!

On a sad note Vixxster there was no cherry garcia frogurt to be had! Most upsetting esp as when it goes back to full price I bet it'll be all fully stocked lol! Did get phish food frogurt instead bit higher in syns but full of CHOCOLATE FISHIES yum!



Nojo on the YoYo
haha Chocolate Fishies stick to your tummy for an extra 2 or 3 syns a scoop but they are gooooooo~~~~~~d!

You know what meal is nice and really surprisingly low in syns? Quorn shepherd's pie. Can't remember how many it is off the toppa me head, but yeah. Quorn shepherd's pie. Nom.
hmm interesting I like both quorn and shepards pie so it could be a WIN! if its not too much bother could you check the syns sometime plz?

ITCHING to get this hair dye off! LITERALLY!! scalps getting a bit itchy! damn my darkest of dark brown hair and its reluctant nature towards being dyed fun colours!



Nojo on the YoYo
Bible says: the 300g pack is 3 syns on a green, 4 on red, the big fat feeds 2 500g pack is 4.5 syns on a green, 6.5 on a red.

the 450g frozen one for some reason is higher, 6.5 on a green and 8 on a red.

I get the smaller chilled one, its really filling. Even more so if you use it as a topping for a baked potato, or make chips and have a can of mushy peas on the side er, which I have done.

Yummy too.
Haha luv it baked potato topped with quorn mince and MORE POTATO :) carby overloady happiness!

Defo away 2 wash this off now fingers crossed itll turn out ok :)



Nojo on the YoYo
Good luck dude. Oh and it's cottage pie you're looking for, not shepherd's pie. My bad.
kool quorn cottage pie is on the "look out for list"!

and i have nice bright pink hair again yay

Reminded me of when I first started SW and used to take the food bible everywhere with me and before I put anything in the trolly, I would look up the syn value. Shopping used to take me 6 days lol. Organised now though and work it all out before hand. Live and learn xx


Nojo on the YoYo
i've been doing SW for 2 years, I ALWAYS take my bible, just in case I see something I want, I check if I can have it. LOVE IT!

*hugs bible*
I love SW!!! I did WW and ok the weight losses were very good for me, but I was spending a fortune on ready meals and chinese food!
I think SW is more of a sensible all rounder! Yes, I miss the syn values on products (they used to have them on Harvester menus too!), but I do this with all my stuff anyway...yes, I am neurotic! I am the one that writes down syn values on packets etc just in case I want a blow out! It makes me think twice!!
I always get stickers and write the points value on food, red points in red biro and green points in green felt pen ... glad I'm not alone x

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