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atkins bars

as if lol! did you look with all the medicine and viamins in tesco...they always seem to be in the wrong section!
i took me 3 trips to tesco and it was only when i was looking for showergel which is near vitamins is when i found them lol!
i can be a bit ditzy!:p
well heres ya mate! means i got to go bk to town tomorrow after work but i realllllllly wanna go an get weighed first but i cant do both damn damn damn! x
ooo its your first weigh in? id get weighed after you never know that walking to get the bars may burn extra calories so = extra weight loss!
its my second weigh in on wed....im so nervous i hope iv lost some more weight i havent been sticking to this 100%:mad:

oh well.....lol:cool:
as long as you havent completely pigged out youll get a decent loss.

anything your aiming for?
no i havent pigged out on anything the only thing i had was a small glass of rose wine THATS it!
id love to loose 7lb but i think thats pushing it! 5 would be ok lol
first week losses are always quite big so i rekon you could manage 7lbs!

i was speaking to someone today whi said the best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning after youve been to the toilet cos you dont have the extra weight from food/water etc.

may try and see if it makes any difference
im gonna buy some nice scales that actually way me at home i dont like going into shops.

but the one at they gyms good you even get a print out. im gonna make a scrap book of my weightloss journey. gonna keep all the print outs everyweek and take photos and cut bits of clothes that dont fit me anymore.

im truely sad lol but when i look back hopefully it'll inspire me to stay thin(once i get there!)
arrrr now no thats a good idea especially the cutting the clothes as therefore you cant afford to put on weight again as u havent got your 'bigger' clothes anymore as uve cut them!!!
Gr8 thinking!!!! x
just dont cut up everything before you go shopping otherwise youll have nothing to leave the house in lol

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