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Atkins diet book


Soon to be Slim
Well, personally I try to follow the Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution publish in the UK in 2003 and written by Dr. Atkins. It has an orange front cover. It tells you all about the science of the diet so you really get to understand this way of eating, which you should really read. I lost my original copy so I recently bought a second hand copy from
E.bay from a book seller, for about 3.50. I've also got the newer 2010 version which is a slightly more relaxed version of the diet, from the library and this is called New Atkins New You. I hope this helps
I used the original '72 version, it's stricter and worked for me
It's pretty much plain meat and green leaf veggies with plenty of fat, butter and olive oil for sauces/dressings Jo
I do the 1972 version, but only because I can't be bothered reading the new book!..although I do have a copy of it.
I haven't got a copy of the old version as my fat labrador ate it a few years ago...think he fancied a bit of low carb too!!!
I agree that the '72 one is stricter and sort of simpler to follow.

However Atkins is constantly changing and adapting (and wishing to sell more books!) so for vegetarians like myself the most recent one may be far better.

Just watch out for what Jim calls the 'devil's delights' - those meal bars, snack bars and sweet treats Atkins shoves at us nowadays. They generate a ton of profit for the company but are indeed Frankenfoods and can derail many a diet plan.


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Thats pretty much what I eat Jim other than loads of eggs. The only thing is I would have to include flax coz I really do struggle without the occasional mim. Ive stopped polyols completely and do think its helping and the alcohol has been cut down to only when Im out so fingers crossed I start to get somewhere soon.
Oh yes, I ate the eggs as well Jo

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