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Atkins Endulge Bars at Tesco

They're yummy BUT they have no nutritional value! Delicious candy bars, and no more than that. I dare not buy any (sniffle). Lean and green, lean and green, lean and green... lol
i try to limit them as much as possible,if they will hault a bing
then i guess it's better than nothing.
sometimes i keep one in my bag,so if i pop into our main office
and the lunch they have provided is carb heaven,then i have a bar
to fall back on.


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I haven't spotted any Atkins products in either of the two Tescos I go to - I am obviously looking in the wrong places! Where would they be??

I bought a selection of bars at Boots a while back, but have only succumbed (sp?!) twice to Choc Decadences when I have had major sweet cravings. Yummy, but don't want to get too reliant on them!!

Thanks for the heads up. SD xx
Coconut ones were on offer too but I could only get one as they were sold out!!


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Those coconut ones are LUSH :D
I've only ever had the one that came free with my Atkins welcome pack... it was lush so that means dangerous to keep in the house! So, I've not gone looking for them since.

I find that the shakes satisfy any sweet cravings I have - thankfully! :)


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I bought 3 boxes of various chocolatey flavours for the hols. Probably only had 2 or 3 bars as they are so sweet and sickly:eek: Definitely worth avoiding so your tastebuds have a chance to change!

I generally have one in my bag when i go to dos where i know they will have mega desserts;)
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I cant keep these in the house, I get too reliant on them as they are soooo yummy. If I get a sweet craving i jump in the car and head for boots lol and when i go Trafford centre shopping I get one to have with my starbucks americano :) mmmm

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