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Atkins Induction



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Hi Sarah

If you want to be serious about doing Atkins, it's really advisable to get the Atkins book - the older the edition, the stricter the menu - but either is fine.

You should also have a really thorough read of the stickies above, including Jim's "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" - will explain all.
Thanks - I got the book out of the library read it last weekend.

I just get mixed up - thanks I will look again.
Yes, read the sticky at the top of the page, and definitely get the book. The most recent one is called A New You. I have it but I think most of us use the 'new diet revolution' one with the orange cover (2006). Either way you will be fine and you do need to get a book and read it very thoroughly. It is not boring, in fact it is very interesting and you will be amazed at how much you can eat and all of it yummy.

Good luck!
I find the 2010 edition better. There is not a lot of difference but new research has found caffeine promotes weight loss. There are subtle changes but it is more "down to earth" and not quite so strict on the carb choices on induction.


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Interesting research on caffeine Sue ... I like my coffee occasionally although don't ever have it strong ... I find I want it more when I'm at home at weekends - can do without it at work :)
I find I want it more when I'm at home at weekends - can do without it at work :)

I'm the opposite! We have a lovely coffee machine at work, so I find it difficult to resist. Esp mid-afternoon when I'm feeling a bit sleepy and can smell the lovely fresh coffee.

I'm a bit confused about the whole caffeine thing though. During induction, should you avoid completely? Or could it actually speed weight loss?


Clean green leafy machine
Atkins advises that you avoid it when starting off, can't remember the reason (I must re-read the book!) but I think it creates carb cravings, so best avoided if you can.

Having said that, I have a cup of builder's tea first thing in the morning and a soya latter - but don't have any more after 10am - and I hardly ever have diet coke now, when I used to have 2-3 cans a day.

Any more caffeine than that and I get heart palpitations!

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