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Atkinzing it up!


On a mission for boobs!
Hi everyone! My name's Claire *waves*

I came accross this website yesterday at work - obviously I was working hard!

I started the Atkins diet on the 27th of July, and I've lost about 11lbs so far, had a slip up the other weekend when I had an indian takeaway with rice and garlic naan...! :eek:

Been sticking to the diet pretty well apart from that. A bit disheartened because I lost about 9lbs in the first week, and I've come to some sort of standstill at the moment. Been the same weight for a couple of weeks now :cry:

I'm guessing I dont drink enough water, and drink too much coke zero and tea and coffee (yes, all full caffeine). I know I shouldn't but I cant help myself. I'm sticking to phase 1 until i've lost another 14lbs, what do you think?

I also have my moments where I don't know what to eat. Feel like all I can have is eggs, meat! Yes, I know thats a lie, but sometimes I have absolutely no inspiration at all.

I think I'm just struggling with the fact that, if I make something with sauce, I really want to have potato's or rice with it.

Discovered mashed cauliflower the other week there, which i LOVE. But I'm needing a hand blender - my actual blender doesnt really work very well with it.

Payday for me will be a hand blender and a coffee grinder! The mim's recipes are making me drool....lol!

Well, thats my excitement I think. Bought a slow cooker yesterday, so tomorrow's dinner will be made in that, once i've found some inspiration!

Anyway, I hope to find great motivation on this website - I don't want to give in! Got a few stone's to lose! I want to be skinny for once in my life :D

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Hello and :welcome2:

Good luck with your weight loss journey ! :)


On a mission for boobs!
Thanks Stormwind. Loving the name! Makes me want to go and play world of warcraft! lol!


Silver Member
Hi & welcome. Don't forget to come & see us on the Atkins forum, we're a friendly (if a bit nuts;)) bunch :D
Do I ask why ? lol .. I dont play that ... Im a eq2 girl myself :p


On a mission for boobs!
lol! Stormwind is a major city in the game for the good guys! It worrys me that I can turn any conversation into a reference to a computer game! maybe I need to get out more! haha

And thanks, I've been having a nosey about the forum. Made my first mim's yesterday and it was tasty!
:giggle: Ahhhh I see.. and I wouldnt worry about it , I quite often make cross references to EQ2 in RL .. so maybe I need to get out more too :rolleyes:


On a mission for boobs!
Thanks Irene.

Sounds really bizzard to congratulate someone on their loss! lol!

Glad I joined. Was feeling a bit disheartened with only loosing that much weight so far, but feeling quite proud of myself now :)

Claire x

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