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ATrue Gem in EACH and EVERYONE of you....

Dearest Friends,

These past few weeks have been an amazingly insightful and constructive journey in my life as far as health, diet and nutrition are concerned and the credit truly goes to each and everyone of you.

I cannot IMAGINE another forum such as the Cambridge Diet Forum, where the friends are SO supportive, encouraging, inspiring, selfless and kind with their words of wisdom, love, encouragement and support for people they might have never met before. I honestly and dearly wish that the world at large could mirror and reflect a few of these attributes between strangers, nations and races and there would be no place for anger, hatred or competition.

I have wanted to start CD since the past six months, however, I know I wasn't mentally ready to give it my all! However a couple of months ago I did start with almost 4 stone to go till goal (from 13st 1 to 9st 1) and was able to hold on with a couple of blips in between. :eek:

The most momentous part of my weight loss journey was when I heard of this forum through an email I had received a while ago and since then, this has been my Bible.:) I have wanted to post and have had many queries since then and many moments of weakness but there was no reason to post because almost EVERYTHING had already been asked and discussed and so I just kept reading and reading and reading and I cannot begin to explain the world of difference it has made to me and my will power to continue.:)

I know all of you by name and I almost feel I know you much more than that from your interactions and your experiences and it has been overwhelming to find so many friends. In less than two months, I am now 1st 5 lb away from target ( I honestly don't know how) and I truly want to thank you all SOOOOO much for being there in ways you never knew existed.:)

I hope to start the 790 program next week, and then move up to 1000 calories as my BMI is below 25 now (I read it on a thread, my counsellor didn't tell me that) but I just had a blip last night again!! :eek: The tummy is rumbling away but I will definitely not give in, not again, not when I am so close to goal.:)

I read somewhere in Icemoose's reply to someone once (just paraphrasing) that when you do this diet and STICK to it, your will power will reach heights and depths that you never knew existed! And I absolutely LOVE this phrase and I believe in it and use it in every aspect of my life! Truly helps one to strive towards perfection!!

Thank you all for reading, thank you for listening and please accept my humble gratitude for being a pillar of strength to whoever has needed it at any time and all the time! I am sure I speak on behalf of so many others who have derived their perseverance and strength from your kind words and love.

Lots of love,
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Not dieting ATM!
How nice of you to post this fairy. It is so nice to know that there are people enjoying the forum and gaining from it who don't even post.

I agree that the Cambridge diet is brill. It has changed my life so much too.

Hope you continue to post now that you have broken the ice.

Dizzy x
hi Fairy,

What a lovely lovely post.

As a moderator of Minimins, I dont get to post as often as I want to, and to read posts like yours brings it all back and helps me remember being on CD and the journey of SS.

You have had such a fantastic weight loss, and stick with it all throughout maintenaince and beyond, I know that there is no way Id be 7 months at goal without this site (give or take 4lbs!!)

Thanks for a lovely post x
Thank you SO much Dizzy:)

There is such a wealth of information in here that I didn't know what to post and where to start from. But I just had to say thank you to all you wonderful people for being you!! :)

I am SO glad that CD worked for you and was a life-changing experience.:) I can feel the positivity through and through!:)

I surely hope to post more often and enrich my experiences further.:)
Thank you dearest Vicky!!:)

What a HUGE inspiration you have been and what a commendable service you are offering by being a moderator on minimins. I hope that this message really helps to reinforce the fact that you have been done so fantastically for yourself and for SO many others here on this site. :)

I have spread the word far and wide and am waiting eagerly for lots of my friends to join in and partake of this wonderful experience.:)

I wish you ALL the very BEST with maintenance and I am sure this journey will now be an everlasting one.:) xxx
Hey... what a lovely lovely post!!!

Hope to see you posting ur little ass off from here on in :D:D:D

Well done on your fab weight loss so far!!

Thanks a mill Gen! :D:D I too hope to post loads of encouragement and support to my fellow minimins now that I have found this site!:)

All the best to you too.
Fairy xxx


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What a lovely, heartfelt post - actually saying what I am sure many of us have already thought about Minimins. Ithink it was lovely that you took the time and trouble to write so thoughtfully.



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S: 13st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.72%)
Just wanted to tag on here and say that 'fairy' has it just right. Ive been on SS for 3 weeks now, joined the 'pink site' and tend to post there from time to time.

My CDC gave me this forum's details, so although I've registered I tend not to post because by searching through the forum there is already such a wealth of information ~ and because I'm new to CD I dont feel I have any experience or advice to impart myselt.

That said I too am inspired by the motivational stories and helpful hints etc that are freely available here and it has been my 'silent friend' in times of struggle.

So to all I'd like to add my thanks for the help you give without even knowing it :)


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G: 12st0lb
Wow I think you have summed up this site in one post there. I certainly would have given up ages ago if it wasnt for the help and support on this wonderful site and the lovely people too.

I do hope you keep posting now.....there are so many people just lurking and reading but not posting.


The Diet Guy
Well done on your weight loss! You have done sooooooooooo very very well.

12 out of 10 !!

What a lovely post Fairy :)

and what FABULOUS weight loss !!! you rock !

good luck as you move up the CD steps....




Wants to be a loser!
Fairy that was a beautiful post - you put into words so much of what I felt about minimins when I started CD. I too believe that I would not have managed to come this far and stick with SS without the support and encouragement (directly or indirectly) of everyone who takes part in the forum.

Congratulations for your success so far and I hope you will post again soon to let us know how you are getting on.
Dearest Ruth, Debz, Mike, Sonya and Barbara.....
WOW!! I truly felt I received mail from celebrities!! :) Honestly! No kidding! My heart skipped a beat! :) You are people who constantly are the sources of inspiration and support and just receiving these posts once again reinforces my belief in the strength of your good will and kindness.
THANK YOU for sharing my sentiments and LOTS OF LOVE always.xxx
I really feel more empowered than ever before and I never knew posting a personal thread and having such tremendous support aimed at me would make such a HUGE difference! I am confident I am not giving in anymore and I am taking this life-changing experience with me till eternity and beyond!!! :)
I will surely keep you all updated and hope to see each one of you posting regularly as well coz it truly makes a difference! :)
Domino, I have to say that my name in inverted commas made me laugh!! I usually get that when I tell people that my name is Fairy!! :) All the best to you on your journey ahead.xxx


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S: 15st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st1lb(26.27%)
:hug99:what a lovely post, you've done really well, i think this site is the best thing i have found on the internet since meeting my hubby through a dating site that is lol :D


Queen of the Damned
Just wanted to echo what other have said - what a fabulous post :wow:


a bit different everyday
lovely post fairy
well done on losing with ss, we all know its not easy!
glad you have found the site helpful, I would never have got so far without the site and everyone on it
3 cheers for us yayyyyyyy!!!:)
nat xxxxxx


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Great post Fairy.
Feel exactly the same as you do about the site..Godsend!
I started as a lurker but cant help replying to people wanting info, support or maybe just a chat!
I also think that I would have given up by now if it werent for this forum.
You have spoken ( so articulately ) on behalf of a lot of people. Thanks.
Cool name by the way.
Wow! That is such a fantastic, heartfelt post! I to, mirror your feelings, if it wasn't for this great site, I probably wouldn't have succeeded to the point that I am at today (or any further).I lurk alot, but I hope that the times when I have posted, that I have helped others the same way that they have helped me.

*We should raise our glasses - of water...* :DHere's to minimins!

Whoop whoop!!!

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