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Attack day 2 and a pounding headache :(

S: 18st5lb G: 11st1lb
2nd day in and i'm sick of meat and my head is pounding, hoping this is just my body getting used to the drastic reduction of sugar, caffeine and all the rest of the rubbish i've been filling it with! Trip to tesco earlier and was able to get some nice quark and fromage frais so going to give the galette a go later as a wrap with some turkey breast pieces and fromage frais. Pretty please tell me this headache is going to disappear in a day or 2!!!
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Not very good at this!
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Stick to it, make sure you drink plenty - and it will get better - hopefully tomorrow.


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Feeling horrible at a week in (but fine at start). I can say that I'm drinking loads water today and already starting to feel much better!

Hang in there and don't get discouraged - this diet produces amazing results if you stick with it!! You can do it :)!


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If its anything like my attack headache it will feel bad, but completely disappear as the attack phase finishes.


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Like Atropos, my headache lasted for 3 or 4 days, then vanished. You'll feel so much better afterwards. Don't worry, it will go away soon.


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Becca, me too. I'm on my second day and a headache has been coming on all afternoon. My attack phase is three days so I'm desperately looking forward to Thursday. Have already started fantasising about what I'm going to have, veggie wise.


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Keep on going. The headache doesn't last long. I've noticed a major increase in my energy levels since I finished the attack and a drop in hunger levels. Like everyone has said the diet gives amazing results it's totally worth it and it gets easier! X


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Keep going, sometimes if the headache is bad its because you need to up your fluid intake too, you should start feeling better by tomorrow evening, it is worth it, early night and some tlc will help :)


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Day 2 has definitely not been fun, headaches, nausea, unquenchable thirst, craving - uggh. I kept on puttin goff my walk cause I felt so bad. Then I finally did it, and abot 7 minutes in I got a burst of energy and felt better. ALthough those first 7 minutes my legs and feet felt like lead spikes dragging me down and ripping me to shreds. By the end I of the walk I was feeling upbeat and the pain was gone, plus the headache had abated. Still majorly thirsty though!
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Up your water and take a panadol (or other pain killer - they are allowed), no need to suffer needlessly.


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How's it going Becca?

I had another headache this morning not helped by the fact I spent two hours looking for the cat to get it to its vet appointment. It's better now because I took ibuprofen straight after breakfast.

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