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attack over

Well done that's fab :)


** Chief WITCH **
He'll soon be eating his words, I'm sure... :D
that's a brilliant loss!

and stuff what the personal trainer says. They're a bunch of bloody know-it-alls (except they're not - 'cos they don't know it all)

they'll tell u to go out and spend a fortune on food you've never heard of - (like you're not spending enough on the personal trainer already?)

Sorry to sound so bitter but i've had personal trainers, they're great for motivating you to train harder but if your eating is all wrong - they're pointless.

  1. stick to Dukan
  2. get your Personal Trainer to motivate you to increase your exercise
  3. watch the weight fall off
rant over. :D
Thank you ladies for your support mucho appreciated.
Curvygirlie I agree with you totally I like exercising so I am alright on that front. He is a good trainer and the exercise schedule he has given me is challenging but will give good results esp doing Dukan.


last diet.......EVER!!
Hi, I agree with all of the above..........but at the end of the day he's a bloke, who doesn't know the intricies of the female body. They jusy go on the same old thing........'eat a sensible diet & exercise more, trust me I've been there!! I'm been trained by professional rugby league players & bodybuilders who went in to Mr Universe etc. Just stick with it.. he'll come off his high horse, but then again knowing most 'know it all blokes' he'll take the credit that it was his training!!!
I don't know anything about personal trainers but I do know a great start when I see it!!! Well done PoppyLu, that's phenomenal...x

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