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attack phase..xMx

I am a third day into the attack phase and still did not have a bad day, i enjoy the diet and hope it will work for me.
Also am looking forward to saturday and begining cruise :)

Still have not weight myself and decided to do it on saturday.

what results can i excpect after 7 days of attack?
I weight 13st 11' and am 5ft2''
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everyone is different depending on how much weight you have to loose, im on my forth day off attack and out of curiosity weighed myself this morning and ive already lost 6 pounds. ive decided im going to do the full 10 days just to give me that jumpstart i feel i need.


** Chief WITCH **
We're all different, so best wait and see. Seven days is a long period for attack - did you go to the official website and see what he recommended for you? No need to pay, just register and give a hotmail type email address to get that information. At your weight, five days will be plenty, and your intestines will thank you for some veg after them!

I see on your profile "Cambridge Diet" - if you moved straight from Cambridge to Dukan, then you were already in ketosis, so no need to go over three days. Don't expect crazy weight loss initially either.

If, however, you'd already lost the plot before joining Dukan, then you'll have plenty of water weight to get rid of in the first few days.

Remember to drink plenty of water, and take a multi vitamin pill too.

Post some menus and we can advise further


Talks alotttt! :)
Joanna how are you so nice all the time!


Talks alotttt! :)
Joanna!?! Who's that! Joanne :D
Hi there i did the test and it said 7days of attack :/ couse im bi 35 :(

And i did cambridge before but long time ago so i need to up date my profile.

Today's manu:

Breakfast: oats with milk 0.1%
Lunch: chicken salad (made of 2chicken breast wich some herbs and cottage cheese + a bit of chopped onion)
Tea: Chicken breast cooked with some solt and black pepper and tinny tiny bit of parsley leaf.
Evening time i will have a boiled egg or two :)
Pluse plenty of water cup of tea and iced coffee (made of ice milk0.1 instant coffee)

I need something sweetttt lol also cant wait till saturday for my first veg+protein day :D


** Chief WITCH **
Joanna how are you so nice all the time!
Awh Natty... you're too kind (REALLY you are!) My 'witch' reputation will be blown out of the water!


** Chief WITCH **
Milena - per your other thread, and serious transit issues, I think it would be a good idea for you to move onto Cruise today.

The "oats and milk" - this is oatBRAN, yes? 1.5 tablespoons? (Up to 2 on Cruise). Quantity of milk? Chicken you will soon bore of if you have it twice a day... check out our recipe thread for some ideas. There are plenty in the book too (do you have it?)

Have you not tried to make any desserts to have a sweet fix?
I dont have the book :( will try to buy it today while in town.. I am trying to make up some food even made the bread :)
I have oat bran yeah..but i have 3tbs as i also look up the polish website and there all take up to 3tbls per day.. so now am confused.. milk with it abt 3/4of a cup..


** Chief WITCH **
1.5 tablespoons in Cruise. Or else stay with the Polish website cos we'll be correcting you too much...


** Chief WITCH **
I am really sorry Milena - has your book arrived now? I'd advise that you correct that oatbran intake immediately (too many carbs, you see, for attack... you've been having double the allowed dose) and continue.

Post your menus clearly and in advance and we'll help!

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