Attention VLCDieters!! Perfectly Clear £1 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!


Hi Guys

I have just been to my local 'costcutters' and Perfectly Clear is buy one get one free. :D :D :D

Its Perfectly Clear Sparkling but (of the 3 varieties they had) they only had one that didnt have citric acid so watch out. The one without Citric Acid is the Strawberry and Kiwi one as its made with Malic Acid!!

You may all think Im getting excited over nothing but believe me its like gold dust in my book. Every time I go to Tesco its sold out!! and I dont have an Azda near by!

Anyways, I hope this little bit of information helps you all out out and that you have a 'Costcutters' near by!!
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Great tip Claire. Unfortunately I don't have a Costcutters, but do have a Morrisons which do the same thing in their own brand, currently on 3 for 2 offer. It makes a lovely change from plain water doesn't it.

My husband complains that I don't understand the chemistry, and that any organic acid, be it malic, citric or any other, contains carbs which become available when the acid is neutralised.
I have been ok on the malic acid stuff but I did take the citric acid stuff by mistake one night and it kicked me out of ketosis straight away.

Is morrisons own brand stuff Citric Acid free then? Tescos isnt!! which is a bummer. We dont have Morrisons in NI anymore cause Azda bought all the stores over. (All except one in Newry because it had a carpark that was a public liability claim waiting to happen)!
Yep the Morrisons S&K "Clear" has malic acid same as "Perfectly Clear".
Where abouts in NI are you? We've been there a few times and it is really beautiful, it was before the ceasefire but we only got scared once (that was going through Newry - bad timing, we should have realised that July 12th wouldn't be a good day). Mostly things were fine, the standard of driving was probably more frightening than anything else!
Newry is getting quite close to the border and it is also a place were police didnt really like going. Therefore the rules of the road werent really being enforced. The standard of driving does get bad the closer you go towards the border for some reason. It might be to do with the fact that a lot of the areas are more rural and therefore more younger drivers have their own cars to get around!!

12th of July I usually just have a lazy day. No point even trying to go anywhere!!

Hey I wonder if there are any other own brands that are the same as PC?
thanks for that tip Claire, i'm getting bored of plain water, will keep my eye out for it
I sometimes treat myself to Asda no sugar appleade as it's made with malic acid. You can get three bottles for 90p! :cool:

Thanks for this hun,

I'm going to try it out once I get ketosis established!!!:mad:

How are you?
Were deprived on this rock....dont have asda, dont have sainsbury, dont have morrisons, dont have costcutter....oh the glory of living on a rock!!

Hi Ya

I know how you feel. I used to love morrisons and then they left NI. My favourite is tesco now but it dosent do drinks that are carb free sugar free and made with Malic Acid. I know this because I spent ages last night trying to find some and admitted defeat after about 45 mins. :mad: Im sure the staff thought I was a right numpty cause it was quite late and there was no one in but me and Jonny!! :eek:

Tesco do have ballygowan water on a buy one get one free though and its only 79p for 2 2litre bottles!!
I sometimes treat myself to Asda no sugar appleade as it's made with malic acid. You can get three bottles for 90p! :cool:

Thanks very much for this tip. I might just trek accross to the other side of belfast specially for that (once I run out of PC that is).

I have had 3.5 litres of water today and 1 litre of perfectly clear, so Im keeping it to the minumum. I actually have another shake to have but I cant be bothered. Might just go to bed instead Or should I have it??