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Cruise PV Autumn chicken bake


Dukan Ancestor!!
Had this on Friday and it was delicious - leftovers were made into soup the next day.

1 Butternut Squash (or any other type you like)
3 Red onions
chicken pieces (as many as you want / have). I had 4 thighs and 4 drumsticks
balsamic vinegar
Salt & Pepper

De-seed and cut the Sqash into thick slices or wedges, no need to peel.
Cut the onions into wedges
dump all into a largeish roasting dish. Seasdon with Salt & Pepper. I added a teaspoon of oil. Toss well.

Season the chicken pieces and place on top of the Veg. Put in the oven at 220C for about 20-30 mins. Take from the oven. Sprinkle Veg with 1-2 Tb of balsamic vinegar and mix again. Put chicken back on top, skin side up and return to oven for another 30 mins until well roasted and browning.

Yum yum - remember you have to take the skin of the chicken :(. You also have to discard the skin from the Squash, but it's easier than peeling it first!

The original (non-dukan) recipe is here:
One-pan baked chicken with squash, sage & walnuts recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

I hate sage and we're not allowed nuts... it was delicious without either!
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Dukan Ancestor!!
sounds delicious but don't you end up with quite a bit of fat in it from the thighs?
Well I trimmed any visible fat before cooking and didn't eat the skin, and after roasting there was virtually no fat visible in the juices, but of course it may have soaked into the veg. You can always use other chicken cuts if you're concerned about the fat in the thighs.


Dukan Ancestor!!
I can't remember if there is any official guidance on this? 'No wings' and 'no skin' is all I can recall at the moment!
I can't find the thanks button, Anja - it seems to have disappeared. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for this fab recipe. Tried it last night and both my husband and I absolutely loved it.

We have friends coming over this weekend, so I think I'll make it for them, too.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Yes I'm making it again this weekend too! And when I run out of squash I'll be using other winter veg no doubt.
Mmmmm I love roast veg esp squash and chicken thigghs will be trying this one this weekend it will be great as it is so cold!

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