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away with work, what should i do??

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Hi everyone

I have to go away with work to France/Belgium for a couple of days next week, I am going with a group of colleagues and I will be expected to eat meals with them.

I am currently on SS and I am not sure what I should do. If it was the UK I would just eat a chicken salad, but I am not sure if it is going to be as easy as that this time.

Anyone got any ideas/suggestions about how I can deal with this?


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lm sure you will be able to order a salad,but lf in doubt l'd stick to protien and as few carbs as possible sorry not much help:( good luck what ever you decide lol


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I am sure there will be something on the menu that follows SS+ principles. I have become a legend at the When Harry met Sally style of ordering. I will order a dish, and make them add bits and take dressings and potatos off etc, that by the end it doesn't remotely resemble the item on the menu. Most places are great when you ask them to tweak a dish though.


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I am going with a group of colleagues and I will be expected to eat meals with them.


LouLou - how long have you been doing CD SS ?... your statement above makes me wonder... I am on Day 9 now and no-one would make me eat when I didnt want to..

Is the expectation there or are you putting it there - are you not doing CD at work anyway ?

I don't mean to be nasty, but unfortunately for me, one weekend like that would totally knock me off the wagon and I would find it very hard to get back on
I have been saying to myself that there will be plenty more weekends, birthdays,parties etc when I get to target,so missing one now so no big shakes for me - if you can pardon the pun !!

Just my opinion mate


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It's tricky when meals are provided as part of the work event, isn't it?

But you certainly aren't obligated to eat them. How about a compromise, whereby you sit at the table with a shake or bar at breakfast and lunch (and a glass of water or a coffee), and then in the evening, ask for a salad. If you had food allergies or had to be on a special diet for a medical problem, you wouldn't hesitate to ask for what you really wanted, would you? Well, in a way, this is the same. If you want a salad for dinner, ask for one. :)

I'm lucky in that I've got really supportive work colleagues, but I can only imagine how hard it might be if they were dismissive about me doing Cambridge. Do your colleagues know how much you want to stick to the diet?

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