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Azi's CC diary

I've started calorie counting - aiming for 1200 per day, in 5 roughly equal sized meals. I should build in some exercise too, but struggle to fit it in looking after the kids... plus I'm bone idle :sigh:

Week 1

B - humous on toast with red pepper 230
Mid morning - Watermelon and nuts 150
L - Soup and Salad, soy nuts and orange 140
Afternoon snack - cup of tea 50
D - Quorn cottage pie and peas 350

b- Muesli and a plum 160
mms - humous and red pepper on toast 280
l - lentil soup and veggie jelly 300
mas - humous and red pepper on toast 200
d - egg on toast and salad 250


b - muesli 130
mms - cup of tea 50
l - homemade lentil soup 150
mas - cheese and coleslaw toastie with onion soup 330
d - pizza and beans plus an orange 340


Poorly so no b or mms
l - humous on ryvita with cucumber 180
mas - rye cheese and cucumber and an orange
d - pached egg on toast with a tomato 200


B - banana 150
mms - humous on ryvita and an orange
l- homemade lentil soup 150
mas - none
d - lentil and spinach curry 300

edit: 5 drinkies out as my brother-in-law and partner were down.
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Hi... ive also just stared Cal counting (2 weeks ago) and am allowing myself 1500 and seem to be losing weight slowly but steadily... lost 6ib so far but taking into account two meals out during that time for people's bdays im happy with that. Your meal ideas sound great and are making me hungry lol!! Good luck with it



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Best of luck with calorie counting, are you going to weigh in once a week? :)

I'm a vegetarian doing calorie counting too :) (I'm assuming you are given your menus anyway!)
Thanks everyone! Sounds like it's going well Amanda!

Best of luck with calorie counting, are you going to weigh in once a week? :)

I'm a vegetarian doing calorie counting too :) (I'm assuming you are given your menus anyway!)
Yeah I'm doing a weekly weigh in - today's the first one and I've lost 8lbs :eek: That should keep me out of the biccie tin! :D

It's always great to meet a fellow veggie! :)
You food plan looks really healthy - I love quorn cottage pie!

Congratulations on your great loss this week, may it be the first of many :)


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Well done on the 8lb, that's a fantastic first loss and will really help you to stay motivated, I'm sure :D

Quorn cottage pie is great, lovely and warm and filling but still low in calories :)
b - Muelsi and 3 teas 280
mms - lentil soup 150
l - ryvita, cottage cheese and tomatoes 150
mas - goat cheese on ryvita with tomato and spinach 130
d - poached egg, chips, beans 300


b - Porridge and raisins 150
mms - goat cheese on ryvita with tomato and spinach
l - fig 50
mas - goat cheese pitta and salad and plum 270
d - veggie sausage, a waffle, salad, peach, tea, 390
Wow 8lbs is great, this is my first week calorie counting if I can achieve half that I will be chuffed.
Love your food ideas.


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Hi! Good Luck with CC'ing and congrats on your 8lb loss that's great :) ...menu you looks really yum too.
Week 2!

Sat = 1070

b - plum, peach and natural yogurt
mms - yogurt and cheese (weird combo I know!)
l - wholemeal pitta with goat cheese and salad
mas - wholemeal pitta and humous with red pepper
d - small jacket potato, salad, quorn roast joint thingy, veg gravy

Sun = 1020

b - apple and natural yogurt
mms - toast with humous, toast with marmite
l - pitta and humous with salad
mas - none
d - quorn chilli and salad

Mon = 1045

b - beans on toast
mms - feta salad
l - poached egg on toast with salad
mas - humous on ryvita
d - quorn chilli jacket

Tues = 1065

b - porridge
mms - small jacket with feta salad
l - cottage cheese on ryvita
mas - none
d - waffles and lentil curry

Wed = 1130

b - marmite on toast
mms - mini digestives :(
l - cottage cheese and potato with celery and tomato
mas - feta, tomato, olive and spinach on rice cakes
d - veggie sausage, small jacket, peas and sweetcorn

I didn't even want the digestives :( I bought them for my son and he offered me one. Before I knew it I'd wolfed down 5 and didn't even really enjoy it. :mad: Oh well.
Thanks girls :) I don't think I'll be having a big loss this week - I weigh daily and it's dropped about 1lb so far (weigh in tomorrow morning) but any movement in the right direction is fine. I really ought to do a bit more exercise. :D

I only plan my evening meals, and then make sure I've got a selection of tasty low fat stuff in for the other meals.
Thursday - 1142

b - weetabix
mms - feta, olive, tomato and spinach salad
l - pot noodle lol
mas - tea and biscuit apple
d - veggie sausage and beans

Friday 1170

b- banana and apple
l - 2 mini wholemeal pittas with humous, red pepper and rocket salad
mas- 1 mini pitta as above + strawberries and cherries
d - tofu stir fry, a few noodles lots of veg

+ humous and sald pittas with tea, and 2 babybells (to get my cals up as I missed the mms)

Week 3 :D

Saturday - 1302 :eek:

b - banana and low fat natural yogurt
mms - pitta and small feta salad
l - missed somehow :confused:
mas - pot noodle
d - new potatoes, veggie sausages and salad

+ 450 cals worth of drinkies out

Sunday - 1255

b - poached egg on toast
mms - pitta and humous salad
l - feta salad and nectarine
mas - a few chips and some cake (damn kids party caught me out :mad:)
d - pot noodle (i seem to be having a lot of these)

+ another nectarine and some humous

Monday - 1080

b - weetabix
mms - banana nectarine and yogurt
l - humous on ryvita with red pepper and beetroot salad
mas - homemade celery soup (YUMMY!!) and a mini wholemeal pitta
d - small piece of pizza, beans on toast

Tuesday 1020

b - poached egg on toast
mms - coffee :rolleyes:
l - celery soup and pitta
mas - apple
d - tofu curry and pitta

+ mug shot thingy (yuck) and an apricot
Wednesday - 1030

b - weetabix and an apricot
l - celery soup and bread
mas - couscous, tomato and feta (yuuuuummy :D)
d - almond and cashew risotto (yumyumyum) and salad

+ apricot, apple and tomatoes

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