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B choices

My favourites are (I do EE so only get 1 a day and almost always use it for breakfast):

Poached eggs on 2 nimble toast
Beans on 2 nimble toast
3 pagen krisprolls with chopped egg and bacon

When not used for breakfast:

28g of kellogs crunchy oatbakes- I eat these dry like biscuits as a snack as they taste just like hobnobs
2 alpen light bars (chocolate fudge/chocolate orage are ace)
a Tesco healthy living 57g wholemeal roll (for home made free burger and chips)
1 tablespoon olive oil- when only the real stuff will do
1 baked apple with 1 tablespoon mincemeat



Mad old Bat with Attitude
I like weetabix crunchy bran you get 42g and sometimes I eat it on it's own as an evening nibble. The other thing I'll use is a tblspn EV olive oil for things that just NEED to be fried/roasted or to make a salad dressing.
mostly bread or ryvita or cereal and alpan light bars. Might be interesting by the end of the week though cause I am running out of my 'normal' b selections so I may need to go for new things!


I mostly do red days, butI have porridge, weetabix, jacket pot, new pots cooked in fry light and herbs, alpen light, wholemeal roll actually quite a lot really :D


Never gets tired of SW!
I have much the same as Sarah-Jayne! The sweet chilli Ryvita Minis are lush Sarah-Jayne! And I adore the lemon SW Hifi bars! Taste just like lemon cheesecake and perfect when I have a really sweet craving!X
when I am at work I like a warburtons roll filled with free sausage bacon and egg seems to stop me pickin with all the rest of the work
just to second judi mac's recommendation of Weetabix Crunchy Bran. Having 42g is great and I think they're yummy and filling.
Mind you I was so hungry this am that after my crunchy bran I went on to have two scrambled eggs........Some days I am just insatiable!
....and I think I've told you all before about how much I love alpen light bars. I think I might brave the snow after work, just to get some in Asda.
I'll look out for Ryvita swett chilli while I'm there. Thanks for the mention
So are these rivita minis around in multi packs? I have seen them sold seperatly but didnt know they could be a B choice!! Yummmy ! :D
Real Foods Corn Thins - 5 for a B choice, or 1 syn each. A really nice change from Ryvita. I particularly like the sesame ones. I know you can get them from Waitrose and Tesco - probably other supermarkets too.
I have just bought a large packet of Rivita crispbread :):) we can have 7 as a B choice :) they are like big square wotsits :p it was 95p for a large packet :):) thankyou for all your suggestions x

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