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Green Days B Choices


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use some meat as a HExB... If i have a green day I'll have either ham or chicken or fish as one of my HEX's, or if you don't want/like meat, then how about some nuts/seeds?


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Are you a group member? If so then there is a long list on the SW website. If you like cereal then have it but there are loads of different ones you could be trying so that you don't get bored. Don't find one that you like and stick to it day in day out. That's not sustainable in the long run. Then what about some of the other options? You don't say what plan you're doing but assuming it's red or green then there are canned soups, stewed fruit (great for a dessert), dried fruit (snack), canned fruit, cereal bars, wholemeal pasta or beans (red day), meat, bacon or fish (green day), nuts and seeds (green day), cheese (green day).
Make a big pasta salad for your lunch and put chicken, ham, or lean cooked bacon (cold) instead of always having bread..Or if you can have a jacket potato meat toppings for a change.

I am not a fan of green days as I get stuck with what to eat, I definately think that you need to experiment with green and red days sometimes one type of day just doesnt work. If it becomes hard work to think of things to eat then this is when you can go wrong.

For me I use my green days for my roast dinner, so that i can have my fun free roasties.


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I do green day s and have - 2 x alpen lights, 6 wholemeal crackerbreads or 113g of tuna as my B choices x x

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