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Back after 7 years!!!

Hello, this is my first post on this site, all looks very lovely and friendly, hoping you will all be able to help me! I've found myself once again right back where I started, plus another stone!

First began Slimming World back in August 2002, lost 21lbs up until around March 03, but then made the classic mistake of stopping :mad:. Have had three brief flirtations with WW, found it far too easy to cheat :rolleyes:. Am now coming home! I find myself eating almost green food day things anyway, and now that I've finally taught myself how to cook I know I can have more success in eating a lot healthier.

Going into town today to buy the magazine, I have made a lot of notes from the syns directory belonging to a friend and am looking for a cheap one on ebay. Really cannot afford the classes unfortunately.

Anyway, that's me, mum of one, needing to lose at least two stone.

Can anyone just tidy up a few things re: the healthy extras, how many do you get of each? And what are Extra Easy days?

Many thanks x
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Hi JoRoger,

Welcome to MiniMins!

I have moved your post to SW forums so that the SW members can help you with your questions.

Best of luck with your SW journey!

Love Mini xxx
Welcome! Only joined myself today and have done SW in the past- this time im determined to get slinky for next summer!
Can anyone just tidy up a few things re: the healthy extras, how many do you get of each? And what are Extra Easy days?

Many thanks x
You can have two A and two B healthy extras on both Red and Green days.

Extra Easy is a new version of the plan where you can have both protein (Red) and carbs (Green) together as Free Foods. On EE you only get one A and one B healthy extras, and they recommend that you have one third of your intake as superfree foods.

Good luck. :)
Hey hun, welcome home :) Wishing you every success.... appriciate that you can't make it to classes so good on you for giving it ago without them.. were all here to help you along the way :)

Extra easy days.

ALL free foods on both red and green plan are all free on Extra easy, so that all your veg and fruit, lean meats, fish, pasta, potatoes, rice, pulses etc.. the lot. ALL free, unlimited,
In return for all thsoe limited foods you only have 1 Healthy extra A, and 1 healthy extra B.
And, to make it even better, when your synning foods, you have a look at what the syn value would be for either day, and chose the lowest syn value.

say a portion of chips 17.5 syns on a green day, but are 27 syns on a red day, you choose the lowest syn value, so the syns would be 17.5, get me?

the mags are really good, even the older ones always have fab recipes in, :) and if youv got friends who are doing it too.. even better. :)

Deffinatly get hold of a food directory, that'l really help you.


Thanks for your replies everyone, you all seem to be doing very well! It is a good inspiration especially for someone like me who tends to look on the down side and think that weight loss just happens to other people :rolleyes:. Now off to town to buy the magazine and stock up on healthy stuff! I've just booked our joint xmas present/bday present for my other half - a midweek break to centre parcs at the beginning of Jan, when his bday falls, we went last year and it was absolute heaven -- obviously tho it is a lot of swimsuit wearing so that will be an excellent target for me! My OH is also going to be my 'weigher', so he'll be able to keep me on track I hope. Feeling positive in what will be a crazy week, wrong week to start really but I'm not going to use it as an excuse -- have got my v v late bday present on Weds, day out in London with my bestest friends and then seeing Dirty Dancing! Then on the Thursday my little boy starts play school. So it is perhaps not the best week to start but I'm so sick of excuses, I need to do this!!!

Oh and thank you to the person who moved my thread for me :)
hi don't know why my other post hasn't come up yet, I'm out of the 'moderated' period now so hopefully it should come up soon, but in the meantime thanks lots! xx