Back after a long absence - and feeling a failure :"(


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And I'm back.
Once again a total failure :cry:

I was doing really well last year, then in July I broke my foot. It was literally a few days after ordering my 30 day shred dvd, with the intention of adding a fitness routine to my diet. Obviously with a bad foot I couldn't start exercising which was hugely frustrating. Lying in bed, in pain, bored and unable to go to work, I ended up starting to eat. As I was only working part time, I missed 2 weeks salary which pushed my delicate finances into dire straits. Worry and money stress made the eating worse, regaining pounds of lost weight made me even more depressed, and the comfort eating spiralled.

So where am I now? At my heaviest ever :cry: Have never felt so disgustingly fat in all my life. I now have a new job which is wonderful, but I'm constantly hot, out of breathe and tugging away at my size 20 clothes which are worryingly tight. I literally wear the same pair of trousers every day as they are the only things that vaguely flatter my body. I feel utterly hideous and am so depressed at the state I'm in.

I know I sound utterly self indulgent and sorry for myself, I just want to succeed at this for once and stop crawling back and starting again
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Hello there,

Aw, you're allowed to feel sad for yourself. x
I hit target in summer last year - first time in my life I've ever been "slim" - throw in a wedding and baby and a year later I was at my heaviest ever (ever, ever) and I promise you I felt exactly the same as you.
Roll on 6 months and I'm getting there...I want this soooo badly. I know it's not nice to feel the way you do but try to remember this feeling to spur you on - perhaps write yourself a letter (just for your eyes) to get out and read when you're having harder days.
It's really bloody hard but then it's hard being overweight (choose your hard - is that a Gillian.M quote?! I like it anyway).
Best of luck to you, 2012 will be our year to do it. x


Try not to beat yourself up (we're all guilty of that though). I'm struggling too and desperately want to crack my weight loss this time. I lost 9 pounds on the run up to xmas but from 3 days of overeating i've regained 6 3/4 pounds and had an allergic reaction! I think it's msg but not really sure. It's the one thing i can identify that seems to have been in everything i've eaten in the last few days (even my super 'healthy' speed soup). So now i'm on radical plan to cut out all msg - harder than it sounds because it's in loads of stuff we eat.
Anyway sorry for my ramble but just wanted to say i lost my first nine pounds fairly painlessly so lets get on track and do this. If we try hard we will get the results. Don't let your set backs hold you back.
Mel x


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Please stop giving yourself a hard time. We've ALL done this at some point!!!
Yes, you've put weight on, but the fact the you back on here hows how brave you are.
You know what you need to do and we are right here by your side so welcome back! x


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You are NOT a failure. You've had a s**t 2011, but no fear, 2012 is almost here. Time to turn a corner. Only 34 hours left to prepare for the new you.

Job #1
Take some before photographs and measurements and put them somewhere (maybe with a saved copy of your origional post) to help motivate others when you're seeing your losses in a few months).

Prepare your meals / cupboards for your first week. (Make sure that you'll have some delicious meals and use your syns wisely so you don't feel deprived).

Think about some body magic goals to get your exercise back on track (nothing that is going to strain any old injuries though - build up slowly and surely) - even if it's finding some music that makes you feel like moving faster / dancing about to do the housework to for half hour at a time.

(You may have noticed that there is no requirement for beating yourself up. Be a friend to yourself. This is all about looking forward, not back).