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Back again and Ramadan advice


One last chance
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Hi guys, came back from the holidays on the 18th i hope you are all doing well.

Going back to morocco in a much smaller body, i would think, hey, maybe all the name calling would stop. But no,the jokes carried on, telling me I need to lose more. Not one single compliment, not even a congrats. They noticed the difference, but they made me feel that it wasn't enough :mad::cry:.

The only good thing that came out of the holiday was finding out the cause of my constipation problem. Turns out that it has got nothing to do with my bowels, but my intestines. They don't work as they should and waste gets stuck inside and has been for many years. So I was put on medication for 3 months. This will sound graphic but I would like some info if you can tell me. Taking the medicine, waste came out but so did this weird orange oil. Anyone know what it could be?

Anyway, as you would have guessed, I piled more weight on, feeling as disgusting as ever, and I want to hide again. I hate eating, I'm sorry guys, but I really do. It doesn't make me feel good at all, it makes me feel insecure, and no matter what i eat, it hurts. It feels like my stomach still can't handle it even though I've eaten for 2 months now.

I'm back at 13st 6lbs at the moment and being Ramadan, a red light is flashing because in this month I always gain weight. I really need your advice on what I should do to prevent and what the cause is. Is it because of starvation mode?

Anyways, I hope you guys are all doing well, and I'll be joining lipotrim again on the 20th of september, CAN NOT WAIT FOR ZAT!! :D
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hi there x
just wanted to say you look amazing hun!
a different person all together.
you have done so well losing all that weight.cnat believe you didn't get a compliment x
sorry cant help with the other stuff x
good luck x


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Hi Yas. Welcome back. I'm sorry you are struggling with maintaining and it must be really hard fasting for Ramadan. I don't know how to advise you really except trying to make wise choices when you can eat and also eating balanced meals that will fill you up until you can eat again.

Good luck Yas xx


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HI Yas

I have made another comment on one of your other posts.

RE: Ramazan...I can appreciate your dilemma. I have just come back from Turkey and some of my relatives were fasting, etc...and it seems such an excuse to pig out, literally come 7:50pm!!!!! And they carry on (some of them) till 3am...ludicrous!!

I have never fasted for this length of time, but if I were doing it, I would try and drink your water in the time you are allowed to drink it...plus I would try and not gorge on everything in front of you...fill up on lots and lots and lots of salad, chicken, fish, etc......but maybe stick to one meal right at the time you are allowed to eat....I wouldnt keep carrying on..in fact, I think I would try and get to bed around midnight and then you wont be tempted.

Again, this is a little late, so I do hope you are doing ok, as I think it is a good 19-20 days into Ramazan.

Relax a little..it is a hard enough time at the minute as it is with fasting; maybe focus on what you will do after!

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