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Back again for 1 last try


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There is NEVER a last try. Triers never fail, failures never try! You can do it! :D

Oh & hello, we haven't met :)

this WILL be your last time, because this time it will work, were a good bunch and can pick you up when ur down....c'mon in :D
Hi and welcome back.
Thanks guys, i decided that today and tomorrow i would cut out carbs like pasta bread etc, but still eat the fruit i have left, just so it is not a massive shock to my system as i think that may help me stick to the plan. Then from saturday will be the start of induction ( it also means i can go shopping which isnt always easy in the week)
Well few days of reduced carbs went on a bit longer but i feel better for it , and lost 3lbs. Ready for the main event in the morning, bring it on :p
thats great news :D


Carbs are Evil
Well done x
Firstly -God luck! Secondly -take the pressure of yourself by not saying 'this is it!'. Just take a day at a time -have plenty of Atkinsy foods around you to get you into it and you'll be fine. I started on Friday and had me some Prok Scratchings (I'm not a big fan tbh but they helped) and I also bought some of the Atkins choccy bars -they're really nice. DO what you have to do to get yoiu into the no-carb habit and I promise you it wil soon become natural to you. (I've done it before -don't go on my current 5 day stint tho it feels so easy already!)

You're gonna love it!
up and ready and omlette for brekkie, chicken out for tea with cauliflower, just unsure of dinner yet possibly cheese ham or tuna with some salad. Water ready and off i go lol x
Morning, sounds like a good start to me.

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