Back again for a final attempt?? Day 2


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Hi everyone, hope all are well.

Some ppl here will remember me from a while back, and maybe from a time before then too lol. But here I am again, and whilst, yes I am doing lipotrim again, this is not like the other times.

Over the last couple of months I have been working lots on my confidence, making myself feel good as I am instead of saying 'I'll feel good when I'm 9 stone' It suddenly hit me just how ridiculous that is -why am I putting my life on hold until the scales throw up some number that I have chosen to mean it's ok for me to go outside and be happy in my own skin??!!:eek: Ludicrous!

So, I had my hair dyed red like I have wanted for years but was always 'when I'm skinny' about it. I started wearing make up to make MYSELF feel good and slapping on all my lovely smelling lotions so I felt my skin was healthy and glowing and that I smelled delicious! ;) ;) :D I wore nail polish groomed my eyebrows and even wore half decent clothes!! I've been meeting friends more -hardly any breaking of plans last minute cus I felt too fat or ugly. And the compliments I have recieved have also been great! All this and I've actually put on a stone of the weight I'd lost last year!!

So, all this I can do NOW, at the weight I'm at. All this goes towards building a more confident and successful, happy Rose. So what was I waiting for? What has anyone been waiting for?! I realised that weight, that God forsaken pivotal number, is only a part of the game. So why do we have to take care of that bit first? Who said what order these things have to be dealt with?

I decided then that I'd do weight watchers as ultimately I'll go to that plan in order to teach myself portion control and healthy eating habits, and I thought I can afford to lose weight slowly. No more panic dieting. No more 'I want this much off by this date.' Just sensible eating and a sensible happy lifestyle.

Ironic then, that in that frame of mind, I find myself more mentally ready to do Lipotrim lol. This time its not about quick results. It's actually about health this time. I've contented myself with my appearance. I no longer feel the need to be skinny in order to feel pretty. But I want to be. I also want to sift out the food allergies that I know I've developed through my years of bad eating and serious and shameful over indulgence so that my body is working properly again. Then that'll be a big help towards shedding the cause of panic and anxiety attacks.

Its about removing the obstacles between me and my life. There is just too much mess holding me back from the life I want to live.

So I am just using my old supply for now, I've about ten days worth, see how I go. I'd love for this time to be the time I lose all my excess weight, but if not, so what? I'll keep trying til I find my way.

So, all that said, forgive the rant, good luck to everyone -BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY!!!
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Hi Rose and welcome back.

I wont say good luck on your weight loss, because you are not going to need it, what I will say though is congratulations on your new method of thinking and hear hear.

Be proud of who you are girl and enjoy your life, because we only get one chance at this.

You know what is between you and your goals and now you are going to achieve this.

Be happy Rose and nice to have you back on the LT wagon.


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Hi Rose,
Great to hear how happy and confident you feel in your own skin. You've certainly done a lot of quality thinking and philosophising and have come to emotional peace with yourself. That's a real achievement and will make your weight loss path a lot smoother.
It's great to have you back. As you can see, I'm still here! Lol !
Looking forward to tracking your progress and reading your posts, which are always full of wisdom and support to others.
I hope we can all support you too.
Love, Cathy xxxx


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Thank you thank you ladies. Glad to be back. I'd forgotten how physically great you can feel on this diet. You know...after the horror of getting into ketosis lol

Good luck to everyone!!!