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Back and excited about it....

Hi all

My last WI was mid-March and I was about 11.8lbs. I reckon I've gone up to around 13 (WI and start afresh tonight so will be able to accurately update ticker etc then) - I was 100% fine for the longest time but in the last 2 or 3 months I could feel myself gradually slipping back to old ways, but more worryingly old feelings (out of control, eating more than I wanted/needed to, avoiding social engagements because I felt like people would judge me sliding backwards...) so I decided to take control and get back to class. Really thought about waiting until the new year so I thought I'd check if anybody here was mad/strong enough to recommence this close to Christmas and of course, some of you are so thank you all for cementing my decision to go for it and not wait. I am really excited at the thought of taking back ownership of my behaviour (to learn to do things better next time) and my weight (because fluctuations in that drive the behaviours).
Looking forward to understanding where I am now so that I can plot and plan how to get to where I want to be, and whatever happens - I must do RTM this time, didn't last time and thought I could handle it but I accept now that I need to learn how to manage my weight going forward.
Thanks all for being there and I look forward to seeing you all shrink your way to greatness over the coming months xxxx
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Happily pro pointing!
Hi TMIWTB :wavey:

I could have written that!
I feel exactly the same, especially the out of control thing, eating too much even though I knew it, choosing to over eat. I don't know why, I hated myself for it, but still did it.
I have also dedicated myself to getting to goal, doing RTM properly and then continuing the maintenance classes too. I realise now I need to dedicate a lot more time to this than just the 20 weeks or whatever it takes to get the weight off. Last time it was 'Oh I wll get to Easter and all will be rosy' I never planned for after.

Anyway, welcome to the board, nice to have another restarter on board (although it is a shame we are back here at all).

There are several of us mad enough to restart now, and I am so glad I did, according to my scales this morning that is my first stone down. My trousers are fitting nicely and no buttons are popping off, LOL.


Back to the grindstone!!
Yup, it sounds a very familiar story.
I can relate to things from both or your posts, I also realise that this isn't about dropping the weight, it's about what we do about it afterwards.
I too intend to make an effort to go along to the maint classes WHEN I reach my goal and afterwards.
Welcome onboard!!!
ps, Ali, well done with the loss!!! Amazing!!! Jealous, moi, ....... yup, sure am!!! :)
Hi, Congratulations on coming back now - you've still managed to keep off loads of your last LL loss.

Yes there are a few of us mad enough to start 5 and a bit weeks before Christmas. We will be slimmer in the new year rather than bigger
The results are in....

Evening all

Thanks all for being here; without seeing that others were about to/have just begun to tackle this again I would have put it off. Just went to my new class - new LLC, new place, new friends - and I am so happy to feel like I am getting back on track.
I have put on 8 kilos; one a month for every month that I took my 'eye off the ball'. It's disappointing that I didn't take on board all of the learnings with absolute success the first time around but I know that life's a journey and I've learned from my mistakes....I am really happy that I am getting back to it to lick this this time.
So, by new year I could have been another few kilos heavier but this way I'll be a few lighter which is great.... :eek:)
AllyKat - it's going to be fine, you are going to rock and I am sure the K-sticks will show a colour change soon!! AliB - Keep going girl; I am looking to you for inspiration because yours was the entry that made me say 'stop messing about and get on with it'.
Have a lovely sleep all, with bedsocks for those of you already in ketosis ;o) xxx
Fantastic - so glad you're back on track and feeling good about it. 1kg a month isn't exponential - it could have been a lot worse. You'll be back to your previous weight in a matter of weeks on LL.

Have you had your first pack yet? How's it going?

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