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Back From Holidays (and finally time to post)


Taking it Day by Day
Hi Everyone!

I am back from my holidays (well actually been back since Sunday night but life was absolutely frantic the next couple of days) and there would be just soo much to write about. So first things first: I had a great time, probably the most relaxing holiday I have ever had with the kids. Apart from 3 minor slip ups I did stick to my 3 shakes and one protein/salad meal a day, and managed to achieve my goal of not putting on any weight :D. I am back to ss-ing since Tuesday, and had lost 2lbs at my weigh in on Wednesday. I was very active throughout my holidays but am now struggling to keep that up as normality and busyness of everyday life takes over again.

I was so nervous when I stepped off that train, thinking that my dad will not notice or not say anything (and that I would be really disappointed. My old voices preparing me for the worst but I didn't give them too much attention). My dad was really sweet actually. After welcoming all the grandchildren first, he then came to me, gave me a cuddle and just sort of whispered "Are you somewhat slimmer?" to which I just said "yes". Then after a few moments and looks later he asked "how much have you actually lost, I can really tell that you have lost a lot". I am still embarrassed to tell people how much I have actually lost (probably because I still have more to go) as this hits it home to me every time how overweight I actually let myself become. He was really pleased. Also quite funnily, one of my brothers who also was very overweight had lost about 4 ½ stones as well (from what I understand he and his girlfriend are following some sort of GI type plan), so when we saw each other it was really amazing. We both still got some more to lose so the next time we see each other we will both be slim :character00238:

The mind is a funny thing though, the minute I entered Germany, I started feeling fat again. I think my mind just associated the place with how I used to be/have been while living there and all the pain that came with that). Probably not helped by the fact that there are just less obese people around in Germany (which always makes me wonder, they love to eat their bread and meat and beer but somehow as a whole they seem to be slimmer). Norman caught me out trying to hide my tummy whilst in my swimming costume behind my crossed arms (which is what I used to do) and asked me why I still did this as there is no need to anymore. I honestly didn't even notice I was doing this. I really need to do some more "slimmer new me" thinking.

But being slimmer is great, I even went on the trampolines in one of the fun parks we went to. Could have never even contemplated that before: Weight limit 100kg, :sign0151:, I laugh at that now. What a great feeling!!!!!!

Then after we came back, everything got a bit frantic. No electricity all Monday/Monday night, which resulted in me having to cook the contents of our freezer (and panic-stricken at seeing all that food my old "do not waste food" voice won and I had a couple of fishfingers and quorn sausages, so pants for getting back on track. All I can say is that the Thought record was a life saver otherwise would have probably carried on eating). Then on Tuesday our washing machine broke down, a pipe was leaking, our car needed to go to the garage and was not ready by the evening, which meant I couldn't go to work on time the next day as had to wait for car to be ready (still a part missing :mad: but that's a different story....). Then Naomi (my youngest) hit her head on a chair leg and had a massive bruise and a cut on her right (but thank God she narrowly missed her eye and is ok now), our telephone stopped working properly (yes it all really happened!!!) and by the evening I was just in tears and wanted to eat, eat, eat. But thanks to the previous night' thought record I somehow managed to pull through (just one more hour at a time). Thankfully things have calmed down now, kids will go back to school next week, and I even enjoy my routine with my packs again. There is a strange feeling of safety in them.

Wow, enough now. Now I will have to try and catch up with 2 weeks worth of posts…
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Just as well you had a wonderful holiday, it sounds as though it's been a disaster since you came home. At least there is nothing left to go wrong, it's all happened to you already, poor you.

Very well done on managing to actually lose weight on holiday, very impressive.


likes posting.
Hi Julia welcome back, im glad you had a good holiday, & well done on not gaining.Sorry too hear all your bad luck lets hopes its all behind you now.Ive been back 2 weeks its seems like we never went away.

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