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Back from Marbella

Hi all

I had a wonderful holiday and was really relaxing. Now I am home I am getting my head around the fact I have nearly a stone to loose from a week of not caring what I was eating knowing I would pull it back when I got home.

I didnt expect to put that much on. I guess some of it could be water retention from the flight and I am starting to feel period like pains (not had one since about april)

I am on day 3 of abstinance and hopefully will be back into Ketosis by tomorrow. So I am hoping by thursday weigh in the weight I need to loose will not be so much.

Only downfall is I have a hen do on saturday night and I intend to eat and drink though it will be a sensible choice of food. I know the place we are going has salads then will get back into Ketosis as soon as possible

Once I have shifted the weight I have put on I will rejoin the management programme at a sensible point not sure which week. I was on week 7 before I left.

I know that I ate a lot of bread, crisps, chocolate, ice cream while away and drank alcohol everyday, However I have also learnt that I dont like the way I feel in my clothes so I need to pull it back. I also did not like feeling bloated which is what happened when I ate bread. So although I have put on weight I am not beating myself up as I had a great holiday and also feel like I learnt a lot from all the "bad food" I was eating and the way my body felt when eating it.

I was told by my friends who we were away with that I had balanced thinking towards eating on holiday in that most (slim people like themselves) people while on holiday eat what they fancy and then pull it back when they get home.

So lets hope I am back into the weight range I am happy with soon. I will update my weight ticker once I have been weighed on thursday pm

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Glad you had a great holiday, hope your weigh in gos well and you get back on track. I have a cruise in September I will be going into management 2 weeks before we go and I'm scared stiff about what i will be eating and putting weight back on. Its so nice to read this thread and how you have had a great time and not worried about food or your weight hope I can feel like this when my holiday comes.:D
Thanks Lottyfern

I have been on management since 29th May and this is the first time I have put on a larger amount than any other time in management (I have maintained my weight well and always managed to pull it back when I had a lapse). I think that is why I am not worried I have discovered I have the will power to pull it back when I need to and there is no way I will ever go back to where I was.

As soon as clothes become uncomfortable I pull back. I know it is a bit drastic to go back on the packs for a couple of weeks but it is the best way for me to get back on track. I am toying with the idea of going to one meal of green salad and protein next week a day as I still managed to loose weight doing that and I am bound to get knocked out of ketosis on the hen do. Do I really want to go back into Ketosis again or just be sensible? I will discuss on thursday with my LLC and come up with a game plan. I may be nicely suprised when I get on the scales as whenever I think I have done really bad it isnt as bad a I thought

I can get into size 10 still but they are tight/uncomfortable to how they did feel. I have increased my bust and my thighs by eating rubbish. So I am not willing to go to a size 12 so I hope in a couple of weeks they will fit me fine.

Enjoy your cruise, I hope you dont beat yourself up too much about food choices. I have spent weeks doing that but it didnt get me anywhere made me miserable and not happy with what I had achieved and if I had put 1lb on I had lost it again the following week.

As long as if I do make the wrong choices I can pull it back and loose the excess gained I will be happy. Is this Yo-Yo dieting? I dont know I have friends who range from 8 - 8 1/2 stone they have always been slim and they do not beat themselves up about food choices.

I have a friend staying at the mo who has lost a stone since a relationship breakup she is unhealthy at 6.5st and her normal weight is 7.5 - 8st. She eats 4 -5 bags of crisps a day, 4 sandwiches and a bowl of pasta in her lunchbox. She must have a remarkable metabolism as there is no way I can eat that sort of food and stay slim.

I am happy to be home and be able to make my own food again and know that it is the right choice.

Right I will get back to doing some work now


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