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Back from the Gym / Toning Studio


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Well I braved it! I joined the gym / toning studio this morning. Induction was free :D so a full session free is a good start LOL

I managed 6 minutes on the exercise bike. I could have done more but I didn't push for it seeing as it was the induction. Then went on all the toning beds working against them with muscles pulled in and tight. Lots of weird sensations LOL, but enjoyable. It beats throwing myself around in an exercise class!

So I'm booked in for Friday morning. I'm going to try and go twice a week, and at £4 a session, it's not too bad. I'm aiming to work up to half an hour on the bike before I add the treadmill in, and then there's the stepper, skiing thing and rowing machine to add in after those. They also have one of those vibrating plate things but that scared the hell out of me LOL. I didn't try it, but watching someone on it was bad enough.

I'm going to take my measurements when I get back from picking my little one up from nursery and keep a record on my blog to see how quick the inches come down. I know it won't help lose weight unless I'm using all the gym machines, but I'll increase what machines I use over the next few months.

I feel pretty good to be honest, although I'm sure my muscles will let me know all about it tomorrow!
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Well done - wish I could get myself motivated... I changed my hours at work so that I could go to the gym three mornings a week, I've been once.. and all the other times I have been sat at my desk at my normal working time...
Need to get myself sorted out..:copon:
well done !!
i love going to the gym i have 2 fav's at the moment the bike and the cross trainer.... i do 10 mins on the bike thats a minute normal speed then a minute as fast as i can. I also do that on the cross trainer for 10 mins. That way it keeps your heart rate up.
Good luck i didnt know that you could pay per session can you do it monthly?x


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Gym machines scare me *lol* although (and don't faint) I did used to go to 'tums and bums' and also a 'step class'. I enjoyed those, but went with a friend, not sure I could go to a gym on my own..


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The best thing about it is that it's in a beauty salon place so the toning studio / gym bit is women only. It's also not a huge gym so there are no 'I'm fit and I'm going to show off about it' women there if you get what I mean. There are a lot of older ladies there who just want to keep toned up, so it's a really comfortable atmosphere.

You can do a monthly membership where you pay £35 unlimited use, but I only plan to go twice a week at £4 per session, so it wouldn't make sense for me to buy a monthly membership.

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