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Back from the muddiest field in the UK. Success but very mixed feelings...

Glasto was muddy - bad, bad, badly muddy!
So, I got through it - 5 whole days and nights in the biggest mudbath imaginable with almost non stop rain - it was very hardcore.
There are 3 elements that make up the perfect Glasto; great weather, great line up, ability to get absolutely spangled. Not even one of these elements was in place for me this year! Boy oh boy, it was just the toughest time ever. I actually wish that I hadn't gone. I love this festival and just couldn't imagine not going, and even though I was apprehensive before I went, nothing could've prepared me for how bad it was.

So here is the worst bit. According to my scales I have lost 2lb. 2lb!!! After complete abstinence in the mudbath whilst everyone else was partying their wellies off!! I am devastated. My losses have slowed down to almost non existent and I've got no idea why. I've lost 1st in the last 5 weeks. I still have 2 and a half stone to lose before Management. 1st in 5 weeks could be loads to some, but it's teeny for me and now development is just stretching out forever.

Why is this happening? I hardly drank any water at Glasto and had 2 bars and 2 packs everyday. Practicalities ruled and the 2 bar thing was unavoidable. I also had a fair bit of milk, but as I didn't do the milk week I thought this would be the week to do it. Because I didn't have anywhere near the amount of water I should've had (again, practicalities - I wont go into the loo situations at Glasto, I wouldn't want to put anyone off their foodpacks!) I felt pretty rubbish, and now thinking I must have knocked myself out of ketosis big time. But to have only lost 2lb...after what felt like the most deprived week ever...I'm really down.

My LLC has no clue why I'm slowing down so much after being the quickest loser in my group so far. The only thing that I'm doing 'off-plan' as it were is having a few scoops of CD's mix-a-mousse. Is this the problem?

I'm going to have a week of no m-a-m, no bars and no cooking of the packs to see if I can get a bit of a move on. I so wanted to be in management by mid july, that's never going to happen now.

I'm really fed up. Oh and I'm now full of cold, which definitely isn't helping.

Help please Mini's :(
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hey hun - sorry you had a 'mucky' time at Glasto....:(

no experience of LL...so can't comment on the lack of weight loss....could it be water retention ??

chin up hun...you have come so far......stick with it....the weight will come off......:)


Debz xx
Think its probably the lack of water!

I watched it all on the tv, but, despite the weather, i still wish i'd been there! I always wanted to go, but never got around to it. I always said i would go before i am 40, so i have two more years! My bf has been, and says never again. He says we can stick a tent up in the lounge and pretend!
oh dear what a miserable time. I did think of you all there & thought it couldnt be much fun! Re the losses just checked & it takes me about a month to loose a stone (se sig for weird losses!!) and I havent cheated once! Milk week I lot 2 ibs and I find that hormones make a huge difference to my losses! The not drinking enough wouldnt help but you know that!
At the end of the day 2 ibs is 2 ibs and its a good weight loss. As you loose more the losses do slow down a bit and thats to be expected. Try instead to see the positives of sticking with it over a very difficult weekend practically & emotionally & be really proud of yourself. Get a good few nights sleep and I'm sure you'll feel 100% better! Big hug & keep us posted!


Silver Member
You survived!

Hello - I think we're in a really similar boat BMI and journey wise - my weight losses slow up when I drop my water intake and also when I first added bars they slowed down for a week and then came right off the week after. Also at around BMI 30 the loss average dropped by about .3 - .5 of a lb a week - I am waiting until the end of the programme to do a full mathematical analysis of what actually happened to my weight loss as my BMI dropped but that's the general trend so far.

You also have to remember that your body might be retaining water after the sudden drop in intake and that walking round in the mud at glasto works your thigh muscles HARD so you might have built muscle (which is actually really good preparaion for when you hit your target, in my opinion)

So don't worry about it - I have a feeling with the water back up to normal your weight loss will kick in again either next week or the week after - but feel your inner thighs - I swear you will have done them the world of good - this is the first Glasto I have missed since 2000 so I speak from experience! I know what you mean about the weather and the lineup - I was terrified of missing it this year - when I missed it in 2000 I was in tears watching David Bowie's set. But watching it from home this year I just didn't care that I wasn't there. I would have loved to have seen The Who and Bjork - but other than that - not terribly bothered. Well done on sticking to it though - I think it would have been too wet for me to get my camping gaz stove lit to make my soups ;)

Don't let it get you down - you have done brilliantly!


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Oh - and another thing!

I only lost 0.88 of a pound after doing a 3 hour yoga workshop last week and this week I loss less than three despite walking over 20 miles and doing yoga so - forget about the numbers. But I think you're right to have a week of playing it by the rules just to give yourself a boost!

Also I have never cooked my packs as I am paranoid about losing any of the nutrition content and potentially slowing my weightloss.
Thanks for all comments :D
I guess it could be water retention? I'm currently marinating in Volvic in an effort to get things moving.

My WI is on Fridays, and as I missed last Friday, the weight loss of 2lb's is the sum total for a full week and a half. Rubbish :( I am clinging on to the fact that my LLC's scales can often be lb's lower than mine. But the week before I only lost 1.98lb's, and whilst I know the numbers can often be a red herring, over 3 weeks that's a really low number. Let's see what the 'official' scales have to say on Friday.

Cerulean - my thighs are definitely feeling it! The so called perfect 19" thigh is definitely in my sights :D
(and ps. The Who were awesome, I skipped Bjork for the little Monkey's, Editors stole the weekend for me and everyone else was pretty dull so you really didn't miss much. As a Glasto veteran I really can take the mud and the rain, but with the rubbish line up and the foodpacks - well, lets just say I would've been much better off watching it all on the beeb!)
First of all - congrats for sticking with it. I would have crumbled...
I am so jealous of you going to Glasto though. We registered and tried but couldn't get through on phone nor internet...
I need to go once in my life!
We're going to V in August but as we live about half an hours drive from Chelmsford, we're not sleeping over, so I think I'll cope with shakes and bars.
I wouldn't worry about the small loss. I'm sure it'll come off next week - and by Friday you can make up for it with the water...

Good luck!
Bex and Sandra

You must go to Glasto at some point! There really is no other festival like it. And as a veteran, yes, it has moved on and is nowhere close to what it once was but is still the very best there is! And anyone going there now for the first time would absolutely have the time of their life :D

Not camping at V will really help with the overall food pack situ. The challenges I think are huge at any festival, bearing in mind everyone is there to eat drink and be merry, it's a toughie fighting off the deprivation demons! But now that I've had 24hours to reflect, I am pleased that I still went and hopefully the numbers will pick up again on the losses. If I do a 3lb per week average I'll be in management at the end of August, which is only 8 more weeks to go!! I've done 19 weeks - what's another 8? :D
Hi Tiger Girl

Sorry to post so late behind everyone else. Someone in my group (Development) said two bars a day knocked her out of ketosis! And she has lost a SERIOUS amount of weight. And so she warned all of us not to go down that route. I know that the water thing is one critical make or break element of my weight loss; if I don't get at least 6 litres in, every day, the weight loss slows right down. After Foundation, I have really slowed down overall but then I haven't been as strict.

Complete abstinence - four packs (max 1 bar) and 6 litres of water does deliver! Sadly, I speak from experience... so that does mean no cheeky skinny lattes or milk in your tea. I am really struggling with abstinence now and not sure how much longer I can last before hitting management BUT the key thing is to NOT dwell on what other people did or didn't consume while you were so virtuous.

I'm glad you enjoyed Glastonbury; try to take that away as a memory rather than the seemingly low weight loss!

You're doing brilliantly! Yes, you are!

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ah Mrs L!
Missed you :D

I'm totally back on track with everything since I've been back and I can honestly feel a good loss coming at my WI this week.
I've drank so much water this week, and whilst 2 bars is a genuine ketosis wobbler, psycholgically it felt better to have 2 bars than real food. But then it drove me mad that I knew I was out of ketosis and therefore not fat burning at the rate that I should've been and was surviving on plastic food...aaarrghhhh....proper head melt down, really, it was!

Anyway, I'm now starting to realise what an achievement it was overall. I just long for next year when I shall be at the stage where it's ok to knock yourself out for a long weekend without giving it a second thought as you are managing your weight so well - it's a big, big goal of mine!

When do you think you're going to finish development? Any ideas? I'm certain it's only 8 more weeks for me. I can definitely do this for 8 more weeks!
I'll pop over to your blog to see what's going on for you in full detail.
Hi Tiger Girl

The last post (on my blog) was very positive and "high" but today has been really bad - probably my worst day on Lighter Life.

I am really, really struggling now - the rebellious child has got out and gone crackers (!) - and I've just read your update and Sarah's (Cerulean) about being ready for Management.

Your comment:

"I just long for next year when I shall be at the stage where it's ok to knock yourself out for a long weekend without giving it a second thought as you are managing your weight so well - it's a big, big goal of mine!"

really hit home for me. I think you summed it up fantastically and it's such a great goal to have. That's exactly what healthy people do - if they have a blow out, they enjoy it and then compensate for it either before or after. They don't see it as the beginning of the end, which is how I am feeling right now.

My LLC has drummed it into us that we really shouldn't start Management until we have got to the weight that we really want to be because Management shouldn't be viewed as a chance to lose more weight (the thinking being that it's hard enough without having to worry about those last pounds). I know she speaks from experience and I trust her. I am not where I want to be - not at all - but I find four packs doesn't seem enough to sustain me if I start exercising more (cycling and walking right now but longing to run a bit!). So I am confused. I worry that once I go to Management that I won't lose any more weight and that will be that (finality).

I am finding the freestyle of Development challenging too - it lacks the structure of Foundation and I realise I preferred the rigidity!!

Well done for getting back on the straight and narrow; that's seriously impressive so be proud of yourself!

I'll let you know what I decide; keep us posted with your progress.

Mrs L xxxxxxx


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Mrs L - that was a really interesting post...I keep at the back of my mind that LighterLife is a business. That some of its aims and values are based around profit. And whilst I believe wholeheartedly in the programme and its principles and the way it works and think it's the best thing I've done in my life and of course in order to complete the programme you have to keep that cynical voice right to the back of your mind, but I do object to the fact that some of the messages that seem to come through from some counsellors are 'Only this programme works' and 'You can't lose the weight without using the packs'.

I paid the extra cash for LL to learn independence from this sort of all or nothing thinking. I have got rid of my dependence on food, I do not want to substitute it with a dependence on LL! (I think I've seen too many returners pass through in my group!)
Hi Sarah

Very, very, very interesting!!! You are right, it IS a business! And yes, totally understand the dependance issue, too.

Funnily enough, our LLC never tries to flog us anything - I think she is one of the few (judging by others' experiences) who is motivated by a genuine desire (under LL umbrella) to help others. She said that to me when I was shopping around for a good counsellor, unlike my own local one who is clearly doing it for the money rather than the good of womankind.

I shall think about what you have said and hope that it helps me make an informed and adult decision about management.

My crazy dalliances with food are getting more daring/defiant and if I continue to slip in and out of ketosis, my LLC will send me straight to Management anyway.

Thank you Sarah and Tiger Girl for a really thought-provoking thread.

Mrs L xxxx (now wide awake after consuming so many carbs - not good)

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