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Back in the SW groove!


Is a crunchy mama!
Hi guys! Some of you know that I've been doing WW for a few weeks. I always knew it would be a temporary situation. Realistically I knew counting points forever is not something I wanted to do. So anyway during my WW stint I noticed, amongst other things, that I was focused more on my points and less on the quality of food and healthy ingredients and cooking for the family was a little bit stressful, which is why I've been a bit quiet on the lovely food pics board. However, boy did I enjoy the variety and bread! Bagels for breakfast, homemade crusty breads with soup for lunch yum! I lost half a stone fairly comfortably but I'm now ready to complete this weight loss marathon on a SW note. I want to get to goal and maintain on SW so really looking forward to lots of hearty home cooked meals using lovely fresh ingredients and a more balanced, less manic lifestyle.

The last couple of weeks were a bit crazy as DH and I had friends around and cooking and serving a big group of people at the dinner table on points was a nightmare and I found myself frazzled a lot. So as a result, I ended up guessing points etc (busting out a kitchen scale in the middle of dinner is not the done thing is it? :D ) We also ate out a lot, lots of lavish indulgent dinners etc so as a result I stayed the same 2 weeks in a row. Which is more than I could have asked for really.

So anyway just wanted to say, back on SW! I'm going to create a shiny new food diary to commemorate my new start. Only 12lbs to get to target, come on!!!!

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I had recently been thinking about jumping over to the other side, just to boost my loss for a bit, as when I have done weight watchers before I often lose 5lbs in a week, where it is much slower loss with Slimming World.

However I really can't be bothered with all the working out points etc and just know I will start reaching for the quick unhealthy stuff instead of having to figure out the points for a meal (and I know my points quite well from doing WW before). So decided just to stay with slimming world. My weight may be coming off slowly, but I know slimming world is something I can do long term, as I do not feel deprived at all. I love the plan and it is the first time I feel I can get all my weight off and keep it off this time.

Sorry went off a bit on one there, but it is good to have you back full time ;)


Is a crunchy mama!
Thanks Britmum, good to be back :D

Funny I lost at exactly the same rate on WW as I did on SW lol, an average of 1lb or 1.5lb a week. I did really enjoy the breads and things that aren't free or HE on SW. I also *really* enjoy all the maths and concentration involved (my neurotic side lol) but only when I was cooking for myself or DH and I alone. Throw in a few more people and I'm all in a flap!! Plus it's really not feasible longterm. I guess I'm now thinking of goal, maintenance and forever and SW is definitely my preference!
Bread is definately my weakness, but have recently discovered I can have pumpernickel and flax seed as a HEb (57g) and omg why on earth was I buying the boring plain wholewheat. I do prefer the seeded varieties and although pumpernickel has no seeds so to speak, it is so yummy, especially toasted.


Is a crunchy mama!
Ooooh pumpernickel! I'll definitely give that a try!
Im coming over to sw from doing ww for years. I was using my points on rubbish and it wasnt in any way shape or form healthy...so here i am :)


Is a crunchy mama!
Hiya CupcakeKatie welcome to SW! Yes I know what you mean about using points on non healthy food on WW. I didn't really eat a lot of unhealthy foods but I did find myself eating more diety things like egg white omelettes which are a bit depressing aren't they... I also wasn't enjoying cooking as much. It was fine cooking grilled chicken and 0 point veggies but when you add in several components like a mixed seafood paella where you have to weigh and point a variety of fish, prawns, scallops, etc then the rice, chorizo arrrrgghhh!!!! So yeah I'm looking forward to enjoying cooking again.

I think you'll really enjoy SW, just remember that although they use words like unlimited, portions DO matter. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
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Thats so sweet of you! Thank you for the support....its quite scary doing something totally diffrent to what i know...i will get there i hope. :)


Is a crunchy mama!
You'll do fabulous, don't worry. You only need to read SW magazines to see the staggering weight losses to be convinced it WILL work. Just keep at it and don't give up!

gill g

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Hi I have decided also to return after lots of upheaval and getting over a broken heart! SW for me is defiantly the way forward... I lost 2 stone last time around and hopefully now I am a singleton I will shift what I put back on. I love this site it is so helpful and the people are so friendly and now I don't have to fight for my lap top I can come on here when I like and take in all your knowledge and tips... good luck to everyone.


Is a crunchy mama!
Good luck Gill_g! It's terrible splitting up with a loved one, but now you've got your life by the reigns and you can make decisions based solely on your needs. It's a good feeling!!!


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aww bless ya! that hug was a definite cyber huggle x

i need some more food inspiration, between you and Britmum i am a cooking genius now x


Is a crunchy mama!
aww bless ya! that hug was a definite cyber huggle x

i need some more food inspiration, between you and Britmum i am a cooking genius now x
LOL!! I'm in need of some inspiration myself. Been watching the Barefoot Contessa, love her!
Barfoot contessa makes me laugh, we always say Uuuuuuuregano, and Euuurbs instead of oregano and herbs....or parmaaaaaaaaajaaaan lol
Maybe thats just me tho. hehe

I really love this site too and am very relieved that the slimming world people seem to be as lovely and helpfull as the people i met on the ww part. :)


Is a crunchy mama!
LOL!! I know what you mean Cupcake. Giada is the one who drives me mad, she's a bit OTT with her Italian pronunciations!

You'll get a lot of help here, not only is it super friendly and supportive, it's also a really active board so there'll always be someone on hand to help out anytime.


Never gets tired of SW!
Great to see you back Honey!!! I still looked at your food diaries when you were on WW, because your food is very inspirational!! But it's going to be much easier to be inspired now I know we're singing from the same hymnsheet!! LOL! Well done on your loss whilst you were on WW and even more well done having stayed the same in a fortnight of indulging!! That's a real acheivement in itself!! Next stop target!!!X

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