Back like an old penny! What has changed?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by Jazzyj, 15 July 2007 Social URL.

  1. Jazzyj

    Jazzyj Member

    Slim Fast
    Day three of SS after letting myself get out of control again.
    No point dwelling on how or why it happened and now to deal with it and get back into my knickers without a big overhang!:eek:

    So how is everyone. I've missed my cyber mates on here and hope to be back in the swing.

    I'm going over to France on 22nd for two and half weeks but only taking DS the younger and his mate so my aim is to SS as only them to deal with. DH & DS the elder can't come out due to work. So with lack of DH temptation due have a ickle barrell of wine is severely lessened!:rolleyes:
    Chaa Cha Changes....
    Now I went off to morrisons brought home a supply of Kiwi and Strawberry sparkling water to discover it is now CITRIC f**king acid rather that Malic.
    Has there been any other of my props removed?:sigh:

    By the way I sooo love this early feeling of running to the loo, and feeling lie the bloatednesws is melting like a slow puncture and the buzz that I am taking control of this buckeroo!
    Long may it last!
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  3. Cheb

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    Cambridge Diet (SSing)
    Hello Jazzy

    Great to hear from you, looking forward to reading more of your funny, buzzy ,upbeat posts!

    Missed you:)
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  4. ROSB

    ROSB Full Member

    Slimming World
    Hi There

    Well I am restarting AGAIN today, as I have done everyday for the last 6 months! But you never know this may be THE ONE.

    I didnt know they had replaced the malic acid with citric acid in the Morrisons drink. I used to dilute this down with water to make it easier to get the litres down but wont be able to now. I shall pop into my local Morrsions tomorrow to see if they have any 'old stock' left. They do a Cream Soda drink which contains Lactic acid (not citric) so dont know if this is ok to have.

    Anyway good luck with your efforts.
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  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Jazzyj,


    Nice to see you back again and well done for getting to day three!!!:party0019:

    As ROSB has said...

    I feel I am in the same boat as well:sigh:

    I have begun again today...fingers crossed:)

    Love Mini xxx
  6. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Come on can do this !!!

    look forward to readin bout your success !!!


    Debz xx
  7. Jazzyj

    Jazzyj Member

    Slim Fast
    Water water everywhere and all of it to drink!

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the welcome back.
    Cheb - see you still have the "need a wee" avatar, I love that it makes me giggle. Can't wait to catch up on your thread. hope that family are ok. Mine are fine at the mo just waiting for the next set of goal post moving and new challenges. won't be long I'm sure!:sigh:

    Mini - we'll get there one day. How is life with you?

    ROSB - I was gutted about the flavoured water as was hoping to but a load to take to France to have in a nice glass instead of wine! just have to get perrier and take my flavourings instead. It shows you have to keep an eye on things when they re-package.

    Debz32 thanks for the words of support, I'm going to do my damdest to crack it this time!

    Off to work in a moment in my work trousers that didn't fit last week:p
    Office based today so I can drink loads and spriont to the loo:rolleyes:
    Have a good day all
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  8. ROSB

    ROSB Full Member

    Slimming World
    well yesterday obviuosly wasnt my day to get back on track :sigh:, so here goes today! :confused:
  9. Jazzyj

    Jazzyj Member

    Slim Fast
    Challenges to overcome again!!!

    Ok just when I think ketosis is on the way, I'm getting a grip on things, .....something or someone sticks their foot out to try and mess me up?

    Don't get me wrong I haven't had to be pulled out by my toe nails from the fridge yet but had a few close calls!

    DS the elder has gone of to work in a strop with us as we said "NO" to him having his 15 year old girlfriend sleep over on his birthday next week He then said her mum is "cool" about it and we shouldn't be so old fashioned, things have changed since we were yourn!!!:eek::sigh:. He is just 17!
    He wasn't angling for separate rooms btw!
    I'm not silly enough to not know that they prob have a sexual relationship. It hasn't been spelt out but the signs are there. Her Mum alows him to stay there toil late (12ish) on school nights, theres another thing I'm not happy with. He has had his education and shouldn't be messing hers up!
    I'm glugging water like a good un. I really could do with out this just now!
    Might go on the parent thread and see if anyone has any ideas!
    For the time being more water, more visits to the loo and lots of deep breathing!
    Speak soon
  10. Jazzyj

    Jazzyj Member

    Slim Fast
    Very pleased with first (ish) weigh in. Lost 8lb3/4s. that is the boost I need to keep going.
    Got two days till I go to France and about 10 days of work to do! I know I won't stop until I'm on that ferry and can't do anything else! One day I'll be in a position where I can just grab my suitcase and go!
    Come on you gotta have a dream!?!!
    have a good day splashing in puddles everyone!
  11. Jazzyj

    Jazzyj Member

    Slim Fast
    Well I've been back a little while but only just got chance to type anything. Been too busy catching up on Mikes tummy tuck thread!

    Very pleased to discover I've been away for nearly 3 weeks (I know I've been away that isn't the discovery!:D) and had the usual post holiday getting back to work and no proper food in the house bit. (Translated that is can't be @rsed to sort myself out and pick up the packs!:sigh:) Nway.....I've lost a pound. not often I go on holiday and have a weight loss so very pleased.

    I had a very chilled break, read 4 books, including Harry Potter;). Didn't jog but swam every day because I wanted to not because I felt I had to. Realised how much OH's presence makes me feel I ought to be doing something all the time!

    When I cam home DS the elder confesed that he went halfs with OH on an ironing lady:eek: It was taking them too long to do the ironing! £10 a basket I asked if this slush fund they found was available at all times as I'm not particularly keen on ironing at the best of times!
    They were very pleased with their initiative!?! Told MIL and she told me to tell them she'll do 3 for £20 lol. think she was more put out than me as she wasn't asked!
    Nway working my way back to SS. Gawd it is hard work!
  12. Nathalie20

    Nathalie20 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    At the mo it's Cd - then the healthy eating one i hope!
    Welcome back Jazzy, Glad you had a lovely holiday and even managed to loose a pound that's fab!

    Re the ironing lady - brilliant idea pmsl only men hey lol! When I used to go round to my uncles I normally ended up doing it out of pitty for them as there is him and my 2 older male cousins and just a mountain of washing as it is a iron as you need system in their house..untill the invention of their local ironing lady! Hmm change of carrer me thinks haha!

    Good Luck getting back into ss'ing and dropping those pounds! :) xxx
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