Back on CD after Holiday


I started again on Monday after having just over a week off for a holiday and am surprised how much easier it was this time round. I didn't go over the top often having only 1 meal a day (took my shakes and bars for the other ones) but did have carbs (and really enjoyed them, especially the curry chips!!!).

I got back on Sunday, weighed myself Monday morning and had put on 6lbs which I sort of expected and planned for. Weighed myself this morning and i've lost 7lbs already and am in ketosis.

Not sure if having a rotten cold helped mask the other side effects but it's been so much easier this time round. Don't get to see my councellor till a week tomorrow as she's been on holiday too so i'm hoping to have a good result when I see her.

It was great seeing all my relatives on holiday (went to a family reunion in Ireland) and got so many compliments, everyone was so shocked and delighted at the change in me. I had a ball at the reunion, wearing a lovely dress i'd bought from Next and felt so feminine and danced the night away with my cousins and felt so confident.

I've still got another couple of stone to go but this feeling is making me determined to carry on. What I want to say to you all is, I know this can be really hard at times but it's so worth it, keep up the good work everyone.

Pickles xxxx