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Back on SS From Monday 2nd March- Need Support!


Am new to this site!:eek:

I started SS on the 26th Jan and lost 16lbs in just over two weeks. But my 25th birthday was last week and I had a complete blow out with cakes, wine, sweets, wine, dinners and more wine:sigh: Thankfully I have only put on 3lbs- thought it would be much worse:happy096:

I am starting up again on Monday as I'm fed up and more determined than ever to lose this weight for good.

I know I don't have as much to lose as others but would like a buddy to keep me on track and vice versa- anyone out there:confused:

Look forward to hearing from you
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Slimming for my children
Hi there. I am not starting until 20th march as i have no money but i dont mind keeping you goin until then and you can gee me on when i am just starting off?

Sounds like a plan. Day 1 today and doing ok. Going to have an early night to avoid any temptations though!lol

I know it's quite expensive but its making me more determined not to waste my money by cheating.

Will definitely support you when you start on the 20th- I see you have a wedding to look forward to?
Hi i also started yesterday and so far so good.I did cambridge last year but only lasted 3 weeks:sigh:.This site has encouraged me to start again feeling motivated at the moment but it is only day 2:)
Yeah I did it last year too but only managed 10 days as I got a serious bout of flu and gave up:cry:

Today (day 2) hasn't been too bad but I just can't wait until I'm in Ketosis and the real fat burning starts :) I did jump on the scales this morning and had lost 3lbs:eek: I do have to stop doing that but at the time it seems like the right thing to do!:sigh:

Anyway, how are you finding things? Sadly I am really fussy and can only drink the tetra's- I'm worried I might get bored very easily!!!

Speak soon:p

Forgot to ask, have you got much to lose?
would like to lose 3 stone but 2 would make me happy.Weighed in fri at 12.5:cry:was 11.4 last year,im a bit scared to weigh yet as i got weighd fri and pigged out the weekend before starting on monday.
im finding it ok so far not hungry at all or tired but really missing food esp in the evening.xx
oh i am struggling with the water drinking tho


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Hey, I'm new to this site and Have returned to CD SS after I made a poor attempt last year!

I'm now into my 5th day and have lost 12lbs! I can't believe some of the things I've read and that is a chance for me to be thin and healthy again. I can't wait tosee the results!

I hope you are all focusing and hopefuly I wl be able to access some support and guidance on this site. My friends and family aren't very supportive as they think it is unhealthy and expensive. They just don't understand I feel or they do and it makes them feel better about themselves.

Anyway, that's another story for another day.


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Thanks aly but all I have done is stick to SS! When put it into perspective, it's really asking for much is it?! So why have I waited so long???

I'm going to be right here with you and we will both did it! We can support each other.
i think the support on this site is really gonna help me through and seein losses like yours is a boost.I dont feel hungry at all but really missin the not eating,which just shows i used to eat for the sake of it and half the time not even enjoying it.Your support will mean a lot to me and i hope i can help u through we will do it.xx:)


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I know, I'm not hungry either but I also just miss scoffing my face!!

Yeah, I think the first week or two is when you have your biggest weight loss! So stick at it and we can both keep posting on here to update each other how we are doing.

Keep up the good work

Hi Sonya, Well done for your loss- I really hope I can get maximum weight loss this first few weeks:eek:

Day 4 today, going ok have already done 4 pints of water but have found that the loo is now my second home!lol Oh well, I think it gets better with time.

Haven't been on the scales trying to wait until I see my CDC on sunday! Not looking forward to the weekend though :(


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Hey Losing it for good, you are doing great! I didn't have th willpower to stay off the scales until today after reading some of the posts yesterday.

It's great that I have had that loss but I need to see the results as motivation and I'm motivated cos the results will be seen over time (a short time but time nonetheless) and it's this huge cycle that is keeping me going now.

Have you done CD SS before? Tell me about your experiences.

The toilet thing is really hard. At the moment I'm ok cos I'm working from home but once I return to work, I'm not sure if I will be able to cope with going to the toilet every 5mins! I guess it's a simple disadvantage of CD but the benefits far, far, far out weigh it.

Keep strong!
The losses are keeping me motivated but it got to a point where I was weighing myself every time I went to the bathroom- got a little obsessive :eek: So I will try to stick to once a week but am not promising anything!;)

I did try CD SS last year but only managed 10days as I got ill- I lost 10lb and it took a year to put that back on which is why I'm now back on it. The lack of food, the increase in water, bad breath etc doesn't really bother me but I am such a sociable person and I feel like a little bit of a recluse at the moment:(

I just keep telling myself it is a temporary thing and once I'm at my target I can socialise as much as I want to (within reason of course.lol):D

I'm not sure why yours isn't showing but I just went to edit profile and added my info. You can then tick or untick what info you want others to see :)
dont seem to have a bmi option just one to add weight,goal weight and height:confused:.how are you getting on im really wanting to eat today this has been my worst day yet and the weekend is getting closer which is always my downfall.
Hi all. I started on monday too. Really pleased I've managed to stick with it %100 but I really want to eat now :-( I havn't weighed myself at all this week so I won't have a clue until Monday

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