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  1. Pampam

    Pampam New Member

    Hi all,

    I did the Cambridge diet in 2011/2012 and lost almost 5 stone. I decided I'd been on it long enough and thought I could do the last bit on my own, and I couldn't have been more wrong. It took me 18 months to put it all back on, plus a bonus extra 10 Pounds. So here we go again. It's been almost 8 weeks and after having had the last 3 weeks off/on due to parties and events, we have no plans to do much and I am back on the diet in a big way. I'm feeling in control of myself, and it feels great!
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  3. If at first..

    If at first.. Full Member

    How are you getting on? your story resonated with me. I hope you are still in a positive head space and the pounds are rolling off x
  4. Pampam

    Pampam New Member

    The last two weeks weren't great, unfortunately. It's a million times more difficult this time around. To be fair, after 9 weeks (and around 5 of these have been broken with many cheat days - and I mean MANY) I've lost 36 Pounds, and 18 inches, so it's not all doom and gloom! :)

    How are you getting on?
  5. If at first..

    If at first.. Full Member

    Wow despite having an up and down few weeks you're having sone great losses :)
    I am coming to the end of day 5 - I feel like my head is in the same place it was when I did the 100% abstinent 9 months back in 09/10 so it's a good feeling as I have had lots and lots of failed restarts between then and now. I have some planned lapses this time round which I hope will help me stick to it long term as I couldn't face being 100% for 9 months again. Had a cheeky weigh this morning and was gobsmacked to have lost 10 big ones! Really happy even though I know a big chunk is glycogen.
    We'll keep up the good work chick!
  6. Arrow

    Arrow New Member

    Great job. Keep going. Today is my day3 and I must say its been rough. It's my first time on the cd. Purchasing assorted shakes and soup really helped. I look forward to drinking diff flavours each day. Drinking soup at the night really helps me. I was asked not to get tempted to weigh in but I just did, couldn't resist. Started off cd weighing 171 lbs and today I am 167 lbs. Must be all the bloating that is coming off. Actual weigh in on monday. Fingers crossed.
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  7. myvlcdtime

    myvlcdtime Member

    Hi Arrow are you still dieting? :)

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