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Back on track....hopefully !


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Why oh why cant I stop stuffing my face. I had a couple of flakes on thursday and last night after hubby had one of his usual moans I had a couple of cadbury`s brunch bars.
I feel like I have let myself and my boys down.

I hate myself for doing this...!
All boots up the arse gratefully received or a rant and telling off too.

:break_diet: :cry: :break_diet:
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:whoopass: :whoopass: :whoopass: Sonia couldnt find one for kick up the arse but you know you can do it girl think back to when you started and why you wanted to do it show that hubby of yours that you can do it more than he can and whoop arse girl !!!!
:whoopass: SONKIE!!!!

i know what its like when you start eating because then it kind of opens the flood gates and you think right well I'll just have one of them then.... etc etc. but if you want to continue your fantastic weight loss you need to STOP right now because of being on lipotrim and having to stay in ketosis etc you really cant eat anything else except the odd bit of protein which wont kick you out of it but you know you cant really eat at all on the programme you're on as it will have a bad effect on your weight loss straight away and even things that arent that bad like a teeny bit of choc (probably alot less than you might have had before the diet) will still do alot of harm. so unless you want to give up the diet and let your eating snowball into more and more you need to just draw a line in the sand and start afresh even if it is right now rather than tommorrow all the better.

you have been doing so brilliantly I know you can lose the weight for your surgery you just need to keep going girl! :D

p.s alternatively I can find out where you live and come and sit on you to make you stop eating....:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


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Hubby is getting exactly the response he hopes for when you eat, dont let him do that to you. He knows while you dont feel good about yourself he has the upper hand, he doesnt want to let that power go, why did he need to go buy in chocolate anyway, im sure your kids could do without it too. I have never kept it in the house cos i know it would be me eating it, so when they want treats they have to go to the shop and buy it themselves, usually they cant be bothered and eat the fruit in the fridge instead. I think he wants to be able to throw it back at you, he is sticking to the plan and you are not, he will use it to torment you especially when he has great losses. Dont allow him to do it.
Also think of your op, dont know how much the dr's said you needed to lose but October will come around quickly and if you dont lose it then they may postpone. Only you can get yourself there Sonia, we can support and advise but only you can stop putting that food in your mouth. Come on for a much better, healthier future for you and your boys, just get on with it.


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AWWW guys thank you......I am trying to think positive, hubby is in a right fowl mood so I have just kicked him out to his mums......If it was just me and the boys I think I would be fine.....Hubby`s moods and tantrums are so immature and Im getting fed up with them (put politely) His attitude is also rubbing off on Cal who has problems anyway, and dad just aggravates him more.


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im telling u now, u need to get the junk out of the house and keep it out (yes, that can include ian!!) if it aint there u are not going to eat it and thats that. u arent going to drive down to asda especially for flakes or crisps so if u dont have it on tap, u wont be looking for it.

both of ur boys r old enough to go to the local sweet shop if they feel the need for food and happe is completely right.

ian has the upperhand cos u r giving it straight to him. just think how good u feel when he is the one struggling about to hold control over u and how crap it feels when he is the grinning twit nd u r feeling nowt but self hatred and guilt for picking.

get ur thumb out of ur butt and sock that grin off his face. how rubbish r u gonna feel when doc says u cant have the tuck?? u wont be offered a FREE tuck again sonya. they dont do them on nhs here so u will be stuffed!!!

u look fab and will look even fabbier the longer u keep at this. im so chuffed with how well u have done and i know u r but if u sod it up now there may be no going back and u will be back to square one. do u want that??

i DO know where u live and WILL come and sit on u :p


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ROFL....Karen !
Well hubby just been to asda to get pack lunch stuff for kids dinners, he only comes back with easter eggs and loads more chocolate......so basically I told him where to stick it and Im peed off with him buying this shite.
The response was well if Im ok doing this diet you should be too....well cheeky bugger see if he feels the same after a few weeks on this diet ....lol.


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smug git. tell him to stop buying it or keep it at his mothers. its not fair at all. he should be supporting you. doesnt matter if he finds it easy or not. if u r struggling then thats all that matters, he ought to want to help.

shall i come round and sit on him instead???


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oh, and whats so funny about my "tuff love"?? am i not scarey enough? lol
HEEHEE thing is if you sit on him you will probably get a nasty surprise as its been a while .........! if you get what I mean .....! He might think his luck is in.......lol
I have a cadbury`s button easter egg sitting on the table ....its watching my every move....!
Its only a little one and cal has already started eating it.......!

Now me and cadbury`s USED to have a super relationship.......so I think im gonna have to divorce it....!


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lol. keep ur mitts off the eggs. cal shouldnt be attacking them yet! make the sod take the eggs to his mums. along with rest of bad foods and himself!!


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i chose to mentally block that image out and pretend it was never written lol


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if i wont do "that" with my hubby, Im certainly not doing it with urs LOL
SONKIE !!!! Why oh why !!!!! dont let Ian drive you to food mate , no one should drive you to food . you HAVE to loose this weight for your op and tummy tuck ......even if its just so i can see you out clubbing and pubbing with a new man !!!! in your shorts and heels !!!!! i mean it mate . You WILL be in the same place a s me come your birthday ...So dont let ANYONE drive you to the cupboards .

please please please !!!!!!!! I want you to look amazing you deserve it so much .... You are a fantastic lady who desreves so much more !!! and YOU WILL get it !!!!

Come on dont let the food come in the house .
Ian is nuts , he will be picking at it before you do . Dont let him make you get there first ok !!!!! xxxx

Loves you mate xxx

big thank you for all the messages !!!! where did you get them all from ????
Morning everyone.....Im feeling really positive today even if a little sick :sick: Have been up coughing all night ...again !
Got a sore throat too but hey ho......!
Well I was chatting to Lucky and Karen last night and realise I only have 5lbs to lose before my 5 stone mark (omg) And only 11lbs to go to be in the 19`s......its like omg I havent been this small for ages, its soooooo exciting. I am now focusing on my 5 stone mark first and hope to get this by sunday weigh in.....:bliss:
Well I must say, apart from feeling a little run down with this cold, cough etc, im feeling really positive, I am going to get my 5 stone off this week, im adamant too......just hope the covonia doesnt do any damage. I stopped taking it after reading the label to see what was in it, but at the time I would have taken anything to help ease the cough.
Wahoooo Im back in ketosis, and im gonna stay here too. I so want to get to my 5 stone mark this sunday, hopefully it will be over, I so want to be in the 19`s for the Bath meet.

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