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Back to CD after having my baby boy ;)

S: 13st11lb G: 9st9lb
I started my CD for 2nd time on Monday and tomorrow is my first Wi so im hoping for loosing few lbs this week as have been good and very busy with my 1month old baby boy :)
Previusly i've done Cd b4 getting pregnant with my son and lost over a stone now i neet to loose 2-1/2st by Xmas :) Hoping to be yummy mommy LOL :p
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S: 13st11lb G: 9st9lb
Spooky i don't know if she did contact them..
But i feel great and as im not breastfeeding i think it's ok.
Anyway better that then getting so upset with my body image and the extra weight i gained during pregnancy.. which to start with i wasn't skinny girl ever lol now my BMI is realy getting me down:(
And CD its something to keep me happier couse i know it work for me :)
I understand exactly what you are saying, I am a mum of 3, my last baby was born in April.
However the rules are there for a reason. You need at least 3 months for your body to recover from the pregnancy and birth. Regardless of whether you feel ok or not. If your CDC knows about your pregnancy, and that you gave birth within the last few weeks and is still allowing you to follow a Cambridge programme then she is giving you incorrect advice and I urge you not to follow it.
S: 13st11lb G: 9st9lb
Well at the moment i will stick to it i think, but i have to say u got me thinking there...
can u tell me some more about why is it 3months? and yes she knows about my baby being only a month old....
I am totally agreeing with Spooky on this, the rules are there for a reason, its fab that you want to get straight back to it but i waited for 12 weeks for a reason i suggest u maybe look into it further, your body isnt in any state to be dealing with CD right now!

On the medical form you fill in with your counsellor, it clearly states under contraindications that anyone pregnant, breastfeeding or have given birth within the last 3 months is contraindicated totally from the diet. It clearly states you may not use any Cambridge programme.

Have a look at the form and query it with your CDC. If you don;t feel comfrotable doing that then call Head Office. The number is on the yellow copy you should have been given. If not, I will provide you with the number.
i think its a bit silly to be ssing so soon after hving a baby.. i've only just started again, and guidelines say 3 months. Its also irresponsible of your cd to allow you to do it so soon.. your body has just gone through an amazing thing, and worked really hard.. it needs a break..


Gone fishing
In agreement with everyone else. I know it's frustrating if you feel in the zone, but your body does need time to repair on the inside and you can't do any of the programmes whilst is does it's job.

You did know that you couldn't do it until babe was 3 months old as you asked last month, and I'm confused as to what you put on the form that you signed :confused:

I know it seems harsh, but it's so important that you stay safe and well, even if it means delaying the diet for a bit longer.

Look after yourself hun. Eat good foods and enjoy your baby :hug99: The diet will be waiting for you before you know it.


Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Hey hon
Just wanted to say Congrats to you on the birth of your baby boy...
Give your body time to adjust hon and enjoy your baby, your weight will probably start coming off anyway if you start eating healthy.. Wait for a few months and then think about restarting cd dont put pressure on yourself hon take time to enjoy your baby boy..
The rules are the rules and its best to stick with them, it wont be long hon and you will be able to start.
G: 10st7lb
KD i did ask last month but then i spoke to my CDC and she said i can do it and this time i didn't have to sing any form.
Thats fair enough but there are rougues in every industry including mine that will just want your money im afraid.

If she genuinelly doesnt know youve just had a baby then fair enough....but if she does then its really bad and she just wants the business.

Harsh but true.


Gone fishing
KD i did ask last month but then i spoke to my CDC and she said i can do it and this time i didn't have to sing any form.
I'm afraid this is incorrect and worrying. Everyone has to sign a form. Everyone.

It's really important.
I have to admit, my first thought was how on earth are you doing CD with a one month old? The energy you require at that stage for dealing with broken nights, let alone the adequate calorie intake you need for your body to repair/get back to normal after birth isn't going to come from 450 or so calories a day. :(

I urge you to reconsider, hun. I'd be the first one to sing the benefits of CD from the treetops - but it's neither designed or recommended for this stage of your life - for very good reasons. Your baby doesn't care whether you consider yourself fat or thin at the moment - but he/she does need you to be well enough to look after him/her. I'm worried that you'll make yourself ill, hun - if not physically, then emotionally. Don't increase the risk of getting post natal depression.

I think it's so sad that the media puts such pressure on mums to bounce back into shape. I've no idea how the likes of Victoria Beckham manage to get back into their size 8 jeans after birth - but it's not a healthy image to portray.

3 months isn't a long time to wait, in the grand scheme of things. I know you'd love to wow everyone by Christmas - but there's more to life than being slim right now.

Think about it, okay? If you're determined to get started on some sort of weight loss plan now, then have a chat with your doctor/health visitor/practice nurse about what's best to do. I have to say, I'm seriously worried that your CDC is saying it's okay to do CD so soon after you've given birth - and frankly, she needs reporting.

Hugs. :hug99:
Im just really worried for you hun, i really dont think you should be doing it YET!
Everyone who does CD has to sign the form regardless so it all sounds a little fishy to me!

S: 13st11lb G: 9st9lb
I just had a chat with her as it is my WI and she still saying the same thing which makes me sad as I can see that all she cares about is the money :( ....not good.
I didn't take the shakes /soups for this week couse all the post from you all got me worried,i dont know if i'll wait till he's 3months but def i'll stay off CD for another month.. :( Anyway i've lost 7lbs.
For now i will only eat very healthly like lots of veg and salads + some not fat meat/fish.. (any idea what else can i eat not to put on more lbs?)
GOD i am soooo upset now ! :(

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