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Back to it after Crimbo!

So I finaly got back on the wagon yesterday after taking 2 weeks off over Christmas. I have not weighed yet, but I am guessing that I have put on about 1 to 1 1/2 stone. Crazy I know, but the plan was to go all out over Crimbo and really enjoy it, which I did. I am hoping that it wont be any worse than that!! Is it physically possible to put that mush weight on in such a short time?!??

Feeling good about LL agin, although I am rough with a sore throat etc. and work keep making me take calls, which is aggrivating the situation. I have bought a load of new clothes in the sales, some of which don't fit yet, so I need to stick to it so I can get into them.

Plus, I have also bought a cross trainer and a kettlebell and DVD to get my bod to goddess like proportions (or close enough!).
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Hey guys! I had my after crimbo weigh in last wednesday and had put on 9 pounds!!! After this my LLC tried to show me that christmas is over and that I should just forget it but I have found it so difficult to get over such a big weight gain that I haven't managed to come back from it and am still binge eating! I get weighed again tonight but am hoping that something will happen in the councelling session that will make it different for me and Ican get back on track. I think it was a mix of christmas/new year and the depression of january that has done it. It doesn't help that my boyfriend is getting stressed with me over it - he knows I want to lose the weight so he's trying the "cruel to be kind" approach which just makes me want to ruin my hard work! raaaaah!!! I don't know what to do. I'm thinking that maybe I should ask not to be weighed tonight becuase if I put on more I could get depressed and beat myself up and if I lost weight I could get displacent and not get back on the programme properly. What does everyone else think? We should come on this thread often over the next couple of weeks to help each to get back on track after the holiday de-railment!!

Deb G

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There's no point not weighing, because you need to be aware of what consequence your actions have taken. You can't go round with your head in the sand pretending its not happened. I would weigh, take whatever it is, and determine that from now on you'll put in 100% like you did from the start. LL is all about facing up to the truth about food addiction, and you can't do that by dodging the scales.

What you need to do now is think towards the future. Are you going to have a blow out EVERY Xmas? If so, will you actually be able to lose it afterwards? LL will help you think through these choices and learn how to make the right ones in future - afterall, you don't want to get back to where you started from, do you?

So go, weigh, and get on with it from there.

Good luck! x


Happily pro pointing!
If you don't get weighed tonight you won't know how well you have done next week. It is best, IMO, to get a line drawn under what has happened and start a clean sheet. Get weighed tonight, and no matter what the result, vow to start your clean sheet tomorrow in complete abstinence, glug the water and see just how well you can do. It is in you, you have come this far already, this is just a blip and you can get over it.

Xmas/New Year/Holidays always throw up issues we have to deal with, Monday was officially the most depressing day of the year, I was seriously low and yesterday too, but I feel better today and will hopefully feel even better tomorrow.
Charli I've got my fingers crossed for you tonight, I hope you do get weighed and whether the scales are good or bad that you're able to move onwards from there. You've just got to put the gains behind you and move on because you know that if you don't you're just going to keep on gaining.

Stay strong and you can do this.
Hi guys! just to let you know I got weighed last night and had oddly lost a pound!? It was good but I have not in anyway let this sway me into thinking I can do this week and am very proud to say that today was my first fully abstinent day in about a month and a half and I feel soooo happy!! Thanks for your support everyone! xx
Good on you Charli for getting weighed - a pound is a great loss and will hopefully spur you on for more.

Excellent news about staying in abstinence, keep it up for the week and you'll have a really big loss next week.

Well done for staying strong xx

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