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Back to it!!!!

Got back from holiday last week and after a week of english breakfasts, crisps, chinese buffets and a take away after drinking till the wee hours every night i have come home the grand total of 2lbs heavier :D am very happy with that as was expecting to have put all of the stone i lost back on.

Didn't reach my mini goal before i went was about 7lbs off but to be honest the last couple of weeks i got bit lazy wit it.

So am restarting today with the carb cut out for the next couple of weeks until i get paid so i can start Cambridge.

I have got a mini break at the end of november roughly 2 months away so am aiming for a loss of 2 stone. So that works out as 2 weeks carb cutting and 6 weeks SS. Is it possible or am i reaching to high.

Am proper skint so there is no way i can keep up a social life and do CD so hopefully that will keep me on track.

Have changed my ticker to reflect this, also have changed my bmi details as i am an inch taller than i thought.
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** Chief WITCH **
hi there and welcome back and WELL DONE on just 2lb gain on holiday. Particularly if you ate and drank as much as you say you did! FAB indeed! I'm very jealous!

As for whether you can lose 2 stone by end Nov by cutting back until pay day, then 6 weeks CD, it does sound a little ambitious to me but you should be well on your way by then. Perhaps 1 stone 7lbs might be more realistic and then, if you go beyond that, you'll be that much happier.

I fail to see why you think you need CD since you're doing so well with food, but that's your business of course. You're not that overweight at all now that you've grown an inch (joke!), so a couple more stone and you'll be laughing!

I'm not really strictly calorie counting any more but seem to have an inbuilt calculator anyway keeping a check on things
Hi ya and welcome back too hope u had a good break.

I can honestly not even begin to imagine how many calories I was consuming a day but i would have thought drinking every night should have put more than 2lbs on, am very glad i re introduced carbs before i went away or could have been a different story..

I have re adjusted my goal as looking back i do think that 2 stone may be a little OTT so am going for the stone and a half. In my head i don't think i will actually get slimmer am convinced I will still be a size 18 at 11 stone, need to sort this out.

Ok i confess i rounded up I am actually 5ft 9.5 inches but it wouldn't let me put this up so thought i might grow a bit.:rolleyes:

The relationship I have with food is very obsessive (sp) if I am on a diet I know i restrict my self to much and before i went away i was starting to get very lethargic and my emotions were awol and i think this was down to lack of nutrients etc.. Think CD will banish this as it takes food out of the equation already and as calorie counting has taught me I don't need to eat take aways and chocolate etc am hopeing i will be able to stick to CD without feeling deprived.

I know what you mean about the inside calorie counter I hope that once i come off CD it will mean I will be able to maintain better as I can spot calories a mile off.


** Chief WITCH **
wow aren't you tall! Lucky you, rounded up or not!

I'm now 11 stone 2.5lbs and am far shorter than you at 5'6" and am wearing size 14 easily so you need have no worries whatsoever that you'll still be in size 18s at that weight. In fact, you'll probably be in size 12s by this weight, or even lower. You are tall!

It's true that an episode of calorie counting certainly makes us more "aware", and more liable to make better choices when calories are restricted. I am never guilty of cutting back too much though as I am always hungry at mealtimes and make sure to have full platefuls of healthy veggies and salads with my meals. My other half also keeps an eye on me and when I did get a bit compulsive and kept lowering my target weight in 2003, he made me swear never to again go below a certain weight... I am definitely being watched because it's true that those of us with eating issues could "easily" some say go the other way.

I shall look forward to seeing your menus again. From tomorrow? Have a good evening!
Yeah as of tomorrow back on the wagon as of the morning have got work up the pub tonight straight from my office job so will need to get something to eat there and it is so hard to eat healthy there.

It is good you had your other half watching over you think its hard to actually see for yourself when enough is enough.

Hope you have a good night

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