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Hi everyone! I am new here but not at all new to dieting! My first time on a diet was back in 2009, when, weighing in at a massive 250lbs I decided that I couldn't face being 30 and fat. So, in February 2009, with 7 months to go until my 30th I joined Weight Watchers and by July I had lost 46lb. For reasons I cannot explain I suddenly quit. I stopped counting my points, or even trying to eat well and by the following July I was back up to 240lbs, having gained back 36lb. I started dieting again, eating better and trying to exercise more and managed to lose a little weight.

When I met my boyfriend in mid-august, I was 239lb. I managed to lose 10lb by the end of last year and on January 1st I did a kick start month of health eating, cutting out all the rubbish and exercising lots. I lost 15lb in that month, then stalled in February and gained back 2lb. In March I continued eating better and exercising more and lost 7lb but then in April I stayed the same. My eating habits are pretty random. I go through phases of eating rubbish I know I shouldn't eat and that I don't even like that much after the event. I am going to Italy on the 1st June for my friends wedding and had hoped to have lost 42lb by then, losing 14lb in January and then 7lb each month after, adding up to the 42lb. Given the mess I made of February and April that's not possible now, but, over the weekend, I decided to guve points a go again. It worked well for me last time. I don't like ProPoints so have come back to Discover. I'm not going to classes, just logging in here and trying to be a success. Since January I have lost 21lb. I would like to try and lose another 10lb in time for Italy. I started points again today and so far (thanks to a meal out) have managed to have 4.5 points over, which I think is not too bad. I can have 25 points per day and have tried to plan my meals to that I am eating regularly, good foods, foods that are full of healthy benefits and which keep me feeling satisfied so I won't be tempted to eat. Not going over is fixing to be a bit complicated! But I am hoping to get back into the swing of things. I won't be weighing all the time, just once per week to keep track.

I am looking forward to being supported in my weight loss journey, and to being able to offer support to others who know what I am going through and how I feel. My boyfriend and I have been together now for almost 9 months. He is fit, active and slim (he is currently on a triathlon training camp for goodness sake - surrounded by lycra clad skinnies who are fit and healthy and toned and gorgeous!) and although he never sees my weight as an issue (he tells me I am lovely and that he fancies me the way I am) I am so very self conscious about my own figure given that he's so fit and so into exercise and fitness. I never feel quite good enough - like he could never look at me and be totally smitten by what he sees, and while I am losing this weight for myself, I also feel like I need to lose it for him - not because he wants me to, but because I never want to feel like I'm not good enough. He shouldn't have to deal with my lack of confidence because of my weight and I shouldn't have to worry all the time either. I just want to be the best me possible. Well, sorry to go on for so long. Nice to meet you all and hope you will come and be nice to me!
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hi, welcome back to discover! Im on this plan too and have lost 11lb in the last 5 weeks...sts this week but gotta just keep going. I have a food diary on here and find the help and support from the site invaluable! Maybe you could start a food diary, plenty of people stop by to help keep you motivated :) I have 26 points a day at the mo and am managing to stay within my allowance 99% of the time. Track EVERYTHING and stay within your limits and the weight will soon come off.

I look forward to following you on your journey...best of luck :)
Thanks Dinx for the welcome and support :) 11lb is amazing - well done you! I have a wedding in Italy in just under 5 weeks and would love to be under 13 stone by then (even 13st 13lb would be fab!). I'm 14st 12lb as at last weigh in on May 1st so that 13lb to lose in 5 weeks - do-able I hope!! Your weight loss makes me feel more confident I can do it :)


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Hi, Welcome back to WW, I'm doing Discover too I think it works better than Pro Points. I think it's do-able for you to lose 13lb in 5 weeks. I'll look out for you on the boards, good luck with your weight loss.
Take care,
Thanks Ruth. I'm thinking that if I can make week 1 a good one, that'll give me a boost. I know you do generally lose more in the first week than the weeks following. I know it's a lot but if I could lose 5lb in week one, that gives me 4 weeks at 2lb per week to get to my 13lb loss in time for the wedding :) I've been finding it hard to stick to 25 points though. Managed it yesterday, but have been around 29 the other days. First week weigh in isn't until Monday though so I just have to be good over the weekend - NOT going to be easy though with a 40th birthday dinner out and a Hen Doo!!

In other news - I have ordered the 30 Day Shred and am hoping that will be here by Monday so I can do that in conjunction with my points, and other exercise so that should help :)


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I've been finding it hard to stick to 25 points though.
You may find it a help to write everything down and that way you might be able to see where you could cut something out to stay within your limit. For example, Im a real savoury person and love crackers and cheese as an evening snack but that would take my points sky high, so Ive found a low point alternative.

Its all about making the most of your points, you will soon get used to it. My son bought had a cornetto yesterday, and I had enough points to cover it if I wanted one but I knew I could have so much more of something lower in points so it didnt bother me that he had 1.

Stay strong, stay focussed and use this board for motivation and inspiration...you CAN do it :)
Hi Dinx. I am writing everything down to keep track which, you're right, does help :)

Bit of an over point situation last night. Got home too late to have my pasta meal which I had planned and pointed for, so had to nip to the chippy, though to be fair I only ate about a handful of chips so I probably had less points doing that than I would have done if I'd had the pasta dish! However, due to being at a gig and celebrating the return of my boyfriend after a week away, I also had a small glass of white wine and a half pint of peroni. I don't know how many points is in the peroni but to be fair I think I probably finished up on around 30, which isn't too bad.

Tonight is a 40th birthday meal and we are going to a restaurant that the points book doesn't cover. Not going to stress through - will make good choices, skip desert and I am not drinking. The rest of the day is on track. Had 3pts for breakfast, have lunch which is worth around 10pts total, so I will have 12 left for tonight.

Looking forward to weigh in on Monday!! Mind you, I have to survive a Hen Doo and Sunday Lunch with my parents first!!
Well, tomorrow is my first weigh in since going back to points. While I am looking forward to it, I am also a bit worried in case I haven't lost, or not lost much at all. I did well through the week and even though I haven't pointed this weekend, I don't feel that I have overdone it. However, I have had three meals out as I had a 40th on Friday, a Hen Night last night and Sunday Dinner with my parents today. Sweets wise, I had a small ice cream with the meal on Friday, nothing last night and a slice of cheesecake today.

Originally, last Monday when I started, I wanted to lose at least 4lb this week given that it's my first week back on points. I don't feel like I will have done that well and I have also been on which lots of people tell me doesn't help. In order to achieve my mini-target of 13lb loss by June 1st, I HAVE to have lost at least 3lb...Feeling nervous...


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some weeks you will sts, some you will lose more than others even though you might feel like you havent done anything different. According to the stats you should lose 1 - 2lb per week if you follow the plan right. And even if you lose a little less, it is better to have a slow loss so you dont risk the chance of putting it all back on and more besides in the future :) You might be pleasantly surprised by the scales tomorrow...i hope so!! My weigh in tomorrow too and ive just had a grillstar and med fries from mcdonalds for my tea! I had 15 1/2 points left for today and only used 11 on it so i wont feel guilty. It was a lovely treat...not had one for weeks!!
Hi Dinx. I've not had one of those from McDonalds - I'm a McNugget girl :) I think that's what I love about WW - that you CAN go and have something from a place like McDonalds and not have to feel guily about it as long as it's in the points allowance.

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow! Let me know how you get on. I will be posting my weight in the morning :)


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Hey there, oh I really fancy a maccyds now lol.
My boyfriends the same, super skinny, plays football 4 times a week and does road cycling and can eat whatever he wants. I had a ww meal the other night and he sat and ate a Chicago town pizza in front of me ha. Not fair!
I'm weighing in tomorrow too so I'll pop back and see how you got on. I'm sure you'll have done better than you think :)
Good luck x

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Well ladies - made up to have lost 4lb in the last week! That's the kind of weigh-in I like!

LeeLea, my bf eats REALLY healthily so I always feel a bit of a slob if I don't. Suppose that's good for me though! He's so fit it's not even funny AND he moans that he isn't really fit enough - puts me to shame!!! How did your weigh-in go hun? And Dinx, how've you done???


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Well done :) that's great.
Only lost half a lb. A little bit disappointed but least its a loss. I wasn't expecting much anyway as I was counting calories before so its not a big change in my diet.
Well that's good he eat well, at least you won't be tempted by any Yummy stuff he has x

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Thanks leelea. Well done to you too - a loss is a loss!

Just had some Quavers as I know they are only 2pts! I had forgot how lovely they are and I was starving and am in work til about 6.45pm with no possibility of food before 7.30pm! Quavers for the win :)


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wow very well done!!! 1lb loss for me this week which is what i aim for as i cant exercise so im happy!!

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